Saying goodbye to plastic in e-commerce parcel shipping

30th May 2023|Latest News, Opinion, Sustainability|

By Luis Barros, Chief Operations Officer, at Asendia UK Oversized boxes. Polystyrene void chips. Too much tape. Un-recyclable polybags. These e-commerce packaging bugbears have all made headlines [...]

Instant payment solutions hold the key to the retailer refund conundrum

29th March 2023|Company News, Latest News, Opinion|

Tom Pope, Head of Payments and Platforms at Tink talks to A1 Retail about how retailers can overcome the refund conundrum with payment solutions. Slow refunds are [...]

SCA: How merchants can prepare this festive shopping season

2nd December 2022|Company News, Latest News, Opinion|

Kirsty Morris, Managing Director of Specialist Sales at Barclaycard Payments talks to A1 Retail about Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and how merchants can prepare this festive shopping [...]

eCommerce warehouses: Letting the robots take the strain at peak

25th November 2022|Christmas, Latest News, Opinion|

When Christmas peak kicks in, automation combined with experienced staff will ease the pressure in eCommerce warehouses, says Luís Barros, Operations & Transport Director at Asendia UK. [...]

Delivery disruption is en route: how can retailers prepare?

13th October 2022|Latest News, Opinion, Trends|

By Elissa Quinby, Senior Director, Retail Marketing at Quantum Metric Shipping delays significantly impact retailers and consumers, leading to frustrations that can ultimately result in revenue losses [...]

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