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Cost-effective bespoke 3D tile effect by Novograf

Our factory can produce 3D tiles on a roll or panel, creasing where the grout would be for depth, catching the light with angled edges; then printing your perfect colour match ready to go. This product is much more cost-effective than rolling out a tile install operation in all your locations, as single tiles can be expensive, fragile and installation takes time.

Our tile effect panels are suitable for feature walls, counters, point of sale, working surfaces, cafeterias, retail, commercial locations and more – and requires no install down-time for your business.

Made You Look!

Helen from Made You Look! has been working in Visual Display her entire career – the last 15 years of which passing on her knowledge to SME’s teaching the basic principles of VM, window dressing and display styling. Broken into simple steps, businesses understand not only the importance of great displays but how and where to put them to engage with their audience further, creating those upsells.

During lockdown she transposed her live workshop into an online course taking you through basic display rules step-by-step – perfect for any business not just retail. To find out more about the online course, visit

Brochure Holders International Ltd.

Brochure Holders International Ltd.

Going outdoors?… Go Taymar ‘OD’!

Designed for external use with a weather-resistant shell and self-closing lid, Taymar Outdoor Leaflet holders offer ultimate protection for your leaflets this winter. Available for A4, A5, DL and business cards with a variety of mounting options. The global Taymar group are recognised as a leading manufacturer of premium quality injection moulded leaflet holders and display solutions. Today the Taymar brand offers one of the world’s largest collections of ‘clear view’ wall, floor and counter standing brochure displays.

Arditi UK

Arditi UK

Edge Lit LED Light Boards

The ‘Garnet’ LED light boards offer excellent illumination generated by the high brightness LEDs that edge light the optically clear CNC engraved 8mm deep acrylic. Every board is individually engraved with its own unique grid producing a totally uniform and shadow-free illumination across the face whatever the size. The grid is diffused by the substrate that is being illuminated or by a diffusing sheet for general lighting applications.

Boards can be stand alone or built-in to use as a back light source. The 12V or 24V light boards are bespoke manufactured in any size (up to 3000 x 1500mm), are long life and maintenance free.

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