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Plastic Logic



Plastic Logic Announces New Flexible Displays

Plastic Logic, a leader in the design and manufacture of flexible, glass-free electrophoretic displays (EPDs), has announced new low-temperature displays and evaluation kits that can speed up the development of a wide range of applications.

The Lectum® displays are high-resolution, lightweight and ultra-low-power and are far more rugged than standard glass-based EPDs. Being thinner and lighter makes them ideal for applications such as smart cards, wearables and retail shelf displays.

The new displays include:

  • The 2.1″ Lectum Low Temperature display, a flexible active-matrix EPD incorporating an Ultrachip UC8156, integrated drivers and power management. It supports 240 x 146 pixels at 132 ppi and operates at temperatures as low as -25°C. This display is particularly suitable for smart cards, wearables and labels where lower temperature is a requirement.
  • The 3.1” Lectum display also uses the Ultrachip UC8156 chip and features on-board, highly integrated electronics which contain the source and gate drivers, the EPD controller and power management.

Plastic Logic also provides designers with a set of Evaluation Kits which can be used to try out Lectum EPD displays in ‘real world’ applications.



Starbucks Drive-Throughs Feature Eurobrick

Starbucks has been following an expansion programme across the UK creating a number of new drive-through restaurants. Brick cladding specialists Eurobrick Systems have been supplying contractors, including Trojan Construction Management with their systems and products as part of an overall mixed palette of finishes on a number of projects.

In 2019, Eurobrick provided its cladding materials to Trojan for two new drive-throughs, one at Hadley in Telford and another at Weston-super-Mare. Eurobrick’s popular X-Clad system was used to create decorative feature walling that could be seen both inside and outside of the new stores.

At the Weston-super-Mare store Eurobrick supplied 77m² of their 17mm thick X-Clad system, along with Smooth White brick slips and corners from their Britannia Premium Selection range. Eurobrick’s specially formulated pointing mortar was chosen in white to finish the brickwork. The overall effect of the white bricks and mortar was an eye-catching contrast to the dark coloured panels used on the exterior walls.

At the Hadley store in Telford, Eurobrick supplied 43m² of their 17mm thick X-Clad along with specially sourced Vandersanden Livrono and Vandersanden Zwart Mangaan slips and corners which were finished with standard grey Europoint mortar. Eurobrick has a wide selection of brick and stone slip finishes available but they are also able to specially source a wide range of brick types and colours to suit any project.

Images of Starbucks Telford provided courtesy of Trojan Construction Management.


JS Air Curtains

New Insect Prevention Air Curtain

JS Air Curtains is launching a new air curtain, the Fly, specially designed for insect control. It is a hygienic alternative to plastic strip or chain link curtains, as it removes any potential for COVID-19 cross surface contamination.

By creating a high-velocity air barrier across a doorway, flying insects are prevented from entering food preparation areas in butcher shops, supermarkets, hospitals and nursing homes, as well as food production premises. This allows doors to remain open, further reducing the risk of surface contamination through staff or customers needing to touch doors or handles.

As well as insects, the air curtain can also discourage rodents from entering an entrance. Research has shown that rats, mice and other furry intruders do not like the sensation an air curtain creates on their fur and will avoid passing under a fast moving barrier of air. Dust, pollen and airborne pollutants are also minimised, to help maintain a safe and healthy indoor environment.

JS Air Curtains provide expert advice and supply an extensive range of air curtains for all commercial and industrial applications. You can find out more at


Rapid Scan 

Rapid Scan, the leading provider of thermal imaging and bio solutions, today launched Rapid Scan –  its flagship product which is the first line of defense against contagious illnesses. Rapid Scan has been developed to help companies protect their business from loss due to the spread of viral diseases. It is an intuitive thermal biometric camera solution that combines body temperature detection, access control, and facial recognition technology to create an added layer of protection for customers and employees from COVID-19 and many other contagious viruses.

Rapid Scan’s temperature screening system detects fevers in real time. Accurate to within 0.54F, the thermal scanner is the perfect addition to a biosecurity setup. This hands-free, automatic body surface temperature screening device uses advanced facial recognition and infrared temperature screening technology to identify staff and visitors with elevated temperatures enabling them to be quickly excluded from premises, consequently preventing the spread of disease to other employees, contractors and customers.

It is recommended to couple Rapid Scan with Xtreme Bio Disinfectant, a highly effective and safe disinfectant. Xtreme Bio is scientifically proven to kill Coronavirus, Bird flu, Herpes, Hepatitis and HIV.


GE Current, a Daintree company 

GE Current, a Daintree Company, Launches its Smallest 24V LED Module: the Tetra® Atom

Powerful, miniature module extends Current’s portfolio into a range of new, compact signage applications

GE Current, a Daintree company, announces the European launch of its latest 24-volt product, the Tetra® Atom. One of the smallest LED modules on the market, the Tetra Atom has been designed for use in shallow channel letters measuring as little as 25mm, as well as halo lit and routed acrylic letters used in smaller format signage.

Small yet mighty, Tetra Atom delivers market-leading light output and efficacy, and features Current’s signature build quality, offering sign-makers confidence that their signs will shine brighter for longer. Each module emits an average of 610 lumen/m at an efficacy of 124 lm/W, creating a bright, crisp light for a perfectly-uniform illumination, helping signs stand out, without increasing energy bills.

Up to 300 Tetra Atom modules can be connected to a single 100W power supply; double the loading of some of the Atom’s closest competitors; dramatically reducing the bill of materials and potential points of failure in the system to minimise implementation, maintenance and disposal costs at end of life. The 24V nature of the modules is also significantly more energy-efficient than 12V systems.

Tetra Atom is available in Europe through authorised Current signage distributors.


Bindatex Slitting and Sheeting

Bindatex Slitting and Sheeting helps to get the country’s retail industry back to work

Slitting and Sheeting have recently completed and shipped their first order of cut protective film to be used in homeware shops up and down the country to enable shoppers to “try and buy” new furniture.

The sheets of protective film empower retailers to allow shoppers to sit on a piece of furniture whilst minimising the risk of spreading covid-19. The sheets can be easily disposed of after use.

Bindatex Slitting and Sheeting provides a bespoke service, cutting suitable materials to any dimensions. In this instance, the company cut a durable, protective film that protects upholstery and prevents transmission of infection.

The order consisted of sheets of protective film cut to precise dimensions to match the retailer’s ranges of furniture and shipped direct to stores and distribution hub. Bindatex Slitting and Sheeting was able to turn this requirement around within one week from initial enquiry to delivery.

The material is durable, non-absorbent and is easily replaced after each use, making it ready for the next customer

The sheet of material has the ideal dimensions to be draped over a chair or sofa, hugging the contours.



Flourish Trading

At Flourish Trading we have a variety of faux plants and faux flowers for wholesale customers. Faux plants can even be delivered potted to add a fresh sense of energy and nature to any room or display. Ideal for long term use in window displays, visual merchandising or other retail arrangements. 

Pots range from ceramic to metallic with everything in between with faux foliage and plants including Cactus, Eucalyptus sprays, Ivy, Ferns, Grasses and Yuka plants.

Please contact for further information or call +44 (0)208 640 0354.



At Northbanks we work with you to make a difference – to stand out from your competition and engage your shoppers through captivating and innovative retail environments, fixtures and displays.

We know what makes your customer tick – what they think and feel. It’s integral to the building blocks of the retail environments that we design and deliver, encouraging shoppers to shop and adding value to your brand.

By consolidating the design, manufacture and installation we can reduce the time and costs of projects, freeing up your time for the things that you do best!


Plan 2 Install

We’re at the tip of your finger…

Your investment in display stands is wasted unless they are well positioned, assembled correctly and fully compliant. So, when planning your next project, call Plan 2 for a different perspective on installation anywhere in the UK

From the installation of a single display stand to a rollout to support a major product launch, Plan 2 Install will not be beaten on service or price. For more information please call Mike Kirchin.


Doro Tape UK Ltd

When it comes to Aslan metallic films, there’s two sides to the story. From polished rose gold to brushed aluminium, specialist films supplier Doro Tape stock Aslan’s full range of double-sided metallic films. Perfect for window displays or any glass decoration, these polyester films have an exterior life of 3-5 years, adding a touch of luxury combined with excellent durability. These decorative films are also available in six printable versions too, making them a great choice for the retail and sign making industry where creating a big visual impact is key. 



 Hacel Lighting 

Azuma® Power Spot by Hacel Lighting 

The commanding Azuma® range combines a contemporary design and powerful performance with formidable form and functionality. Designed and manufactured by Hacel in the UK, the Azuma® delivers impressive outputs up to 6010 lumens, features state of the art Zhaga single point modules and outstanding colour rendering properties, optimal in retail and spotlighting applications. 

Available in Surface, Single and Three Circuit Track versions with standard colour options of Black, White and Urban Graphite (corporate colours are available on request).


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