Sleep lifestyle and furniture brand Sleep.8 has announced the reopening of its flagship store in Bluewater Shopping Centre, following a substantial expansion and refurbishment. The brand has increased the floorspace of its prime retail location by a total of 151 sqm, from 436 sqm to 587 sqm, utilising the new floor space to introduce a new retail concept which makes the Bluewater store the brand’s first UK location to feature their full range of premium mattresses, beds, sofa beds, pillows, relaxation gadgets and massage chairs.

Primarily, the new store focuses on an education-led customer experience in which shoppers will discover the solutions offered by each of Sleep.8’s products, all of which champion innovation to offer improvements to your rest and sleep quality. Thanks to the newly added floorspace, customers can test out every mattress and sofa bed in the collection, as well as the leading-edge massage chairs that bring spa-level relaxation to your home. This capability, combined with a newly evolved aesthetic for the brand’s brick-and-mortar locations, conjures the ultimate relaxing environment, with a colour palette of calming blues and neutrals and luminous curved lines, inspiring feelings of wellness and safety while you recline in a massage chair or enjoy a guided pillow consultation.

The brand’s newly created mattress display cabinets have been installed, containing mini cross sections which demonstrate the materials and benefits given by each layer in the brand’s numerous specialised mattresses, meaning you can make an informed decision based on your needs and preferences. Testing the mattress is paramount to finding your match, so the store incorporates a secluded zone where you can relax while trying out the mattresses in privacy. From the 2.0 mattress range, comprising hybrid mattresses of many varying firmnesses, to the brand’s Tech Mattress, a unique combination of foam layers available in different levels of tension and support, and the ultra-luxe Grether & Wells hybrid range with integrated pillow top surfaces, there are options for all budgets, preferences and requirements.

In addition to the existing mattress range, the Bluewater reopening will mark the exclusive launch of the new iSense mattresses, world-first adjustable foam mattresses with firmnesses controlled via an app or remote control. These true innovations in smart sleep technology are one of Sleep.8’s most exciting offerings to the market: a luxury option that ensures your mattress will always offer you the perfect support no matter what, thanks to its customisable comfort settings. As a wall decal in the store states, customers are encouraged to “Take control of your comfort”.

Elsewhere, the interactive Pillow Bar offers the customer the opportunity to relax with a cup of tea or coffee while an expert retail assistant guides customers through a consultation to find their perfect pillow from their array of 16 pillows, each with their own special adaptations designed to cater to different sleeping styles and preferences. For instance, the memory foam Alpha Pillow with its cooling gel particles, designed to provide a freshly-flipped pillow feeling all night long; or the Hybrid Pillow with its unique shoulder recess for those who sleep on their side. Shoppers are encouraged to take their time, relax, and discover their ideal item so they can leave with a guaranteed improvement to their sleep quality.

Sleep.8’s Vice President of Retail, Musi Chayla, is thrilled by the newly upgraded store: “The reopening of the Bluewater store marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Sleep.8, with the plentiful floorspace offering us a greater capacity for educating our customers and introducing them to the innovative items that will meet their needs, to help improve their sleep quality, and subsequently, their overall health. As a company, we have always believed in the vitality of brick-and-mortar locations, especially in a category where physical feel and tactile qualities are such an integral part of the experience, and the newly expanded Bluewater store offers greater possibilities than ever before.”

Sleep.8 Bluewater reopened on Friday 7th June at Bluewater Shopping Centre, Unit L040 Greenhithe DA9 9ST.

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