Nespresso has reopened its boutique in Stratford with a new, elevated coffee experience-led space for consumers to enjoy. Nestled on the ground floor level of Westfield in Stratford City, the 100sqm boutique is in a new, prime location to deliver an immersive and educational experience to coffee lovers.

The revamped boutique, originally opened in 2016, has been thoughtfully designed to indulge the senses and captivate the imagination of visitors. The design features a series of tailored experiential areas that blend state-of-the-art technology with hands-on discovery, bringing Nespresso’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation to life. 

Visitors will be invited to explore ‘Coffee as an Art’, where they can join in masterclasses and learn to craft sophisticated coffee recipes. A ‘Taste and Discover’ space will empower customers to recreate their favourite Nespresso recipes at home. The boutique also hosts a dedicated recycling area, where used coffee capsules are collected to be given a second life.

Erik van Houten, Commercial Director of Nespresso UKI said: “The new Nespresso boutique is part of our ambition to create spaces that truly encourage and support coffee exploration, creating an elevated experience for customers and innovative way to learn about the world of coffee.”


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