Bunsik, London’s beloved purveyor of Korean street food, is thrilled to announce the opening of its sixth location, Bunsik Earl’s Court, at 198-200 Earl’s Court Road in Earl’s Court, Kensington. This exciting expansion brings Bunsik’s signature Korean snacks from the East to West London for the first time, delighting foodies with an array of mouthwatering options.

The new venue, spanning 1,625 sq ft, will offer 40 covers within a vibrant space adorned in Bunsik’s iconic blue and yellow branding, complemented by neon feature lighting inside and out, inspired by the energy of K-culture. Whether dining in or opting for the ever-popular takeaway option, customers are sure to be captivated by the lively atmosphere.

Continuing its commitment to a quick-service restaurant model, Bunsik Earl’s Court will feature counter service, ensuring a swift and efficient experience for patrons eager to indulge in Bunsik’s delectable offerings.

Bunsik’s menu at the new Earl’s Court location will showcase the brand’s celebrated Korean street food, including the infamous Korean Style Corn Dogs, also known as K-Dogs, which have gained notoriety on social media. Other fan favourites will also feature, including Korean Fried Chicken, Ddukbokki, and Kimbap which is a rising food trend in the US.

In addition to the familiar, Bunsik Earl’s Court will introduce new and diverse options, such as an all-new Fish Burger and recent menu additions including Veg Burger, Bibimbap, Kimmari fried seaweed rolls, and Veg Mandu Dumplings. A variety of Bubble teas, a staple in Bunsik’s repertoire, will be available, and Londoners can look forward to indulging in Bunsik’s Bingsu for the first time —an icy treat made from frozen cream or milk, shaved to create a snow-like dessert, served with various toppings.

The spotlight remains on Bunsik’s famous K-Dogs, renowned for their irresistible batter crunch and cheese pull. Since the introduction of this viral snack in 2021, the Korean Corn Dog craze has swept across London, and Bunsik’s venture into Manchester saw queues forming down the street. The trend shows no signs of slowing down, with Bunsik poised for further national expansion in 2024.

With Bunsik Soho selling a K-dog every 20 seconds and the brand’s immense popularity on social media – with the #koreancorndog hashtag reaching 784.8M views – the anticipation for Bunsik Earl’s Court is palpable.

Bunsik Earl’s Court is set to open its doors in April and will be available on Deliveroo.

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