• TerraCycle launches UK’s first Zero Waste Bag for consumers to recycle “hard-to-recycle” rubbish
  • The bags can recycle 14 common waste streams not collected in council kerbside recycling collections
  • Convenient solution for the public to send waste for recycling via the InPost network of over 5,000 lockers across the UK
  • New research released today by TerraCycle reveals 72 percent of Britons want to recycle more at home, 62 percent are frustrated at the number of items their council doesn’t accept, and 19 percent admit to “wish cycling” 

TerraCycle has announced the launch of its Zero Waste Bag, a first-of-its-kind solution for consumers to recycle “hard to recycle” rubbish.

The Zero Waste Bag is designed to offer consumers a simple and convenient way to recycle 14 common waste streams which are not collected in council kerbside recycling collections, meaning they are usually destined for landfill, incineration or the natural environment. The accepted waste streams include plastic packaging, crisp and snack packets, cosmetic products and packaging, and medicine blister packs.

The latest household waste recycling rates released by the Government show that Wales is the only UK nation currently recycling more than 50 percent. Yet new research reveals some 92 percent percent of Britons believe recycling has a key role to play in combating the waste crisis, with more than 9-in-10 UK residents already recycling at home.

However 62 percent expressed frustration at the number of items their local council does not accept in its recycling collections, and 76 percent percent want to recycle more at home, with 62 percent saying they would like to go zero waste, and 19 percent admitting to ‘wish-cycling’ – putting waste in their recycling bin even if they know it is not accepted in their council’s recycling collections.

The Zero Waste Bag is a paid for solution and comes in two sizes priced at £25 for a small bag and £39 for a large, with discounts available for bundle purchases.

The price of the Zero Waste Bag covers the cost of delivery to the consumer, shipping of the full bag of waste back to TerraCycle via InPost and the cost of processing the returned waste and turning it into a reusable material that can be incorporated into new products.

Due to the mix of materials these items contain, the processes required to recycle them are complex which means that the recycling process costs more than the value of the recycled material. This is the reason why councils cannot accept these items for recycling.

TerraCycle specialises in developing innovative solutions for “hard-to-recycle” materials, and the Zero Waste Bag is the latest in a range of innovative solutions aimed at making recycling simpler and more convenient and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and incineration.

Consumers can purchase their Zero Waste Bag from the website (www.zerowastebag.co.uk) and get it delivered to their home address where they can specify the waste stream they wish to recycle. Once they fill their Zero Waste Bag, the contents can be sent to TerraCycle by requesting a QR code from the website and dropping the filled bag at one of more than 5,000 InPost Lockers across the UK.

Most InPost Lockers are available 24/7, and can be found at convenient locations such as train stations, petrol forecourts and supermarkets, enabling strong flexibility. The partnership with Inpost means that consumers can drop off their Zero Waste Bag as part of their daily routine at a time and place that suits them, with nearly half of residents in London, Birmingham and Manchester living within a seven-minute walk of an InPost Locker.

Julien Tremblin, General Manager of TerraCycle Europe commented: “Many members of the public have expressed their wish to be able to recycle more and have been asking for a solution such as Zero Waste Bag to recycle many items not accepted via council collections. The bags have been designed to represent the perfect solution in terms of ease and practicality for the public, and we’re excited to announce their launch.”

Adam Herriott, Senior Sector Specialist, WRAP commented: “At WRAP we are delighted to see that citizens will have the option and opportunity to be able to recycle more of these hard to recycle items, should they wish to do so. However, we need to continue to work on ways to eliminate the problematic and unnecessary packaging and design materials with end of life in mind – this includes how and where consumers can easily and responsibly dispose after use”.

Peter Blackburn, International Commercial Director at InPost Group commented: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with TerraCycle to support the country’s recycling efforts through our expansive network of lockers. Convenient delivery options are critical to ensuring consumers have access to straightforward recycling options, and our lockers do just that. Our vision, as InPost Group, is to lead sustainable e-commerce by redefining the status quo for deliveries and returns, enhancing value, convenience, and sustainability.”

For more information about TerraCycle, visit www.terracycle.co.uk


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