• UK retailers are expected to welcome 15 million consumers both online and in-store on Saturday 23rd December, with sales reaching £1.37bn
  • 11.6 million consumers are set to spend £1.06bn in-store
  • 3.4 million shoppers are predicted to make online purchases, spending £0.31bn
  • Retailers are set to see a total of £84.9bn in sales across the total Christmas period 

UK retailers are predicted to see sales reach £1.37bn on the last Saturday before Christmas (23rd December) as consumers stock up on last minute items ahead of the big day. 

The Shopping for Christmas: The build up to Christmas and Boxing Day sales report by VoucherCodes.co.uk forecasts that retail spending will decrease by 12 percent YoY (down from £1.55bn in 2022), despite 15 million consumers heading to their local stores on Saturday 23rd. 

Retailers can expect a busy day, as 11.6 million consumers are set to dash to their local stores, spending £1.06bn. Elsewhere, 3.4 million plan to stay at home and spend £0.31bn as they shop online and utilise next day delivery options.    

The outlook for the whole Christmas period is positive, as figures are predicted to rise 3.3 percent YoY from £82.2bn in 2022, to £84.9bn in 2023 over the six weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Growth is driven largely by inflated prices as the total volume of sales is forecasted to decline 4.1 percent. 

Michael Brandy, Senior Commercial Director at VoucherCodes.co.uk, comments: “As 11.6 million consumers rush to the shops to stock up on last-minute Christmas essentials, retailers should ensure plenty of stock is on hand.  

It’s important for retailers to understand that the cost-of-living crisis will continue impacting the nation’s wallets resulting in many consumers being more cautious than ever with their spending. Customer convenience will be key to enticing shoppers, and so offering the best express shipping options, and extending in-store offers, as well as unique discounts will help businesses profit from the Christmas period.” 

Image courtesy of Unsplash. Photo credit: Clint Patterson.

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