• A third (32 percent) of homeowners are planning to splash the cash in their garden ahead of the upcoming summer of sport
  • Homeowners plan to spend 54 percent more on getting their gardens ship-shape for the sporting bonanza this summer
  • The new research from Novuna Personal Finance reveals the sought after additions for outdoor living this year

As the excitement of a bumper summer of sport builds, homeowners are channelling their enthusiasm into their gardens, transforming outdoor spaces into vibrant, functional extensions of their homes. New research from Novuna Personal Finance reveals that a third (32 percent) of homeowners are planning to invest in their gardens this summer in anticipation of parties and events to celebrate the biggest sporting moments.

UK homeowners have significant spending plans this year, Novuna’s research has revealed that on average homeowners are planning on spending £955 on their garden this year. However, with a sporting bonanza on the horizon, those who will be hosting sport related summer parties are willing to spend an extra 54 percent more, making their total outdoor living space spend over £1,400.

Feeling hot, hot, hot

A season of hosting, inspired by an epic summer of sporting action, isn’t the only reason homeowners are planning to invest in their gardens this year. Spurred on by anticipated heatwaves (43 percent) and wanting to keep up with their neighbours (30 percent), homeowners admit they are willing to stretch their budgets further this year.

Millennials are leading the way when it comes to splashing the cash on outdoor living spaces with this audience looking to spend an average of £1,029 on upgrades. This generation are seemingly skipping the beer garden, and spending on average an additional £628 in preparation for hosting a bumper summer of sport related parties.

The most anticipated outdoor space additions in 2024

Aside from upgrading garden furniture, which the research revealed was top of the list for the majority of (61 percent) homeowners, the other upgrades most in-demand this year are:

  1. A patio (32 percent)
  2. Decking (28 percent)
  3. A water feature (28 percent)
  4. Children’s play equipment (27 percent)
  5. Hot Tub (23 percent)

Theresa Lindsay, Marketing Director, Novuna Personal Finance, said: “With a packed lineup of sporting events just around the corner, Brits are gearing up for what is set to be an epic summer and going above and beyond to upgrade their outdoor spaces so they can relax, entertain, and enjoy all the action to the fullest.”

Image courtesy of Unsplash. Supplied by Daniel Norin. 


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