Global fashion powerhouse Oh Polly has joined forces with all-electric courier Packfleet to provide London-based shoppers with carbon-free fashion deliveries. The collaboration will see clothes delivered straight to London-based customer’s doorsteps through the courier’s cutting-edge Pathfinder technology.

Aided by Packfleet’s live map tracking, customers can follow their parcel every step of the journey, and the courier’s industry-leading success rates mean they’ll never miss a parcel. On delivery day, customers will have the option to change everything about their shipment–including the time their parcel arrives, the address it arrives at and even whether drivers ring the doorbell.

The deal will see the courier handle all of the fashion retailer’s orders within the M25, with occasionwear, activewear and swimwear being hand-delivered by Packfleet’s drivers.

Oh Polly’s switch to an all-electric courier comes at a time when the capital is facing unprecedented levels of air pollution, in part due to petrol and diesel vans. Packfleet has recently become B Corp Certified, with every vehicle being charged with 100 percent renewable energy and drivers being paid 30 percent higher than industry average.

Tristan Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder of Packfleet said: “Fashion is often considered to be one of the worst industries for the planet, so it’s welcoming to see Oh Polly implementing positive changes, from installing solar panels at the Bromborough warehouse and office to their regular charitable donations.

Now, Oh Polly are looking to perfect their customer experience with carbon-neutral, customer-focused deliveries. The customer interaction is the most important bit for repeat business, and our merchants trust us with the final part of their sale.

We’re proud that Oh Polly has shown faith in us, and we’re delighted to be working with a brand that shares our values for sustainability and ethics.”

Alix McShane, Head of Customer Service at Oh Polly said: “We’re really excited about our partnership with Packfleet! It gives our customers in London a lot more control, as they’re able to select a 1-hour delivery window and change their shipping address to suit. They also have access to advanced real-time tracking and instant support in the rare event something does go wrong.”


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