The Spanish coffee shop and health food chain Faborit has chosen as its strategic partner to digitise with menu boards the almost 30 establishments it has in the country. This initiative aims to optimise the operation of the chain’s stores, improve customer experience and increase turnover.

Faborit is a company focused on healthy food in a modern design environment. Under the Fresh Coffee Shop philosophy, it has been in the market since 2005 and currently has twenty-eight establishments in Spain, specifically seventeen in Madrid, ten in Barcelona and one in Logroño.

The company wanted to radically transform the way customers interact with the brand, replacing paper menus with a more visual and personalised system. “We were looking for functionality and improved responsiveness when implementing and displaying the changes that we as a ‘live’ company are known for, in order to increase customer satisfaction and make their experience the best it can be every time they visit our stores,” explains Kristina Szasz, IT manager at Faborit.

Thus, installed 50” and 55” LCD displays with the digital signage player integrated in all of the chain’s establishments, thanks to which Faborit can dynamically broadcast both the menu boards and other content.

“Through the screens we have managed to show all our variety of proposals and references in a visual and simple way,” explains Kristina Szasz. “In addition, the ease of the platform when making transitions means that the displays are always lively, full of Faborit news and allow us to show in a fun way something that we consider essential —our seasonal products—, which is very much appreciated by our customers.”

Faborit’s IT manager also highlights the improvement in the organisation, programming and reproduction of digital content provided by the platform: “This programming is allowing us to measure the impact on our sales according to the content we show, achieving both an increase in turnover and an increase in the average ticket.”

The software is operated autonomously by Faborit’s own staff, as it is suitable for non-technical users: “It is very intuitive and flexible, which means we can implement changes faster, focus on what works best for us and discard actions that don’t achieve the expected result,” says Kristina Szasz.


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