Deliveroo has revealed its latest Christmas campaign, ‘Anything Goes’ for the 2023 festive season. The campaign celebrates that at this time of year, our behaviour around food changes right the way through to Christmas as we enjoy our own festive food rituals.

Live from Monday 6th November, the campaign is built off the insight that in the run up to Christmas, we let go of our inhibitions in favour of the weird and wonderful food traditions we’ve built around the festive period. “Mince pie for breakfast? Go on, it’s Christmas!”

Written by Charlie Gee & Tian Murphy, Creative Directors at Pablo, the campaign is built from extensive research into the lives of Deliveroo customers during the festive period. Informed by insights collected from social listening, order data and customer research – the campaign celebrates putting brussel sprouts on your pizza, pouring gravy on anything, or that Cantonese feast enjoyed as a family on Christmas Eve. Summed up in the hero 30” TV spot; ‘The rules are, there are no rules.’

‘Anything Goes’ is a continuation of the launch of the new Deliveroo brand platform created with Pablo, “It’s all on your doorstep”, in which the delivery app continued its partnership with Director duo Watts and production house Stink. The campaign utilises mixed media using a 2D animation style built for Deliveroo in partnership with Studio Orca, with sound handled by Jungle Studios and Post-production by Rascal.

Caroline Harris, VP of Marketing at Deliveroo said: “Following on from our new brand platform “It’s All on Your Doorstep”, we wanted our Christmas campaign to recognise the incredible range of food available in our customers’ neighbourhoods but this time with a festive twist. We wanted to celebrate all the traditions, quirks and festive rituals that our customers have, no matter what they fancy and whenever they fancy it.

Listening to our customers gave us great insight into the ‘Anything Goes’ mentality during this season, when the rulebook is there to be broken and we can toast to eating a mince pie for breakfast or adding brussels sprouts to every single meal, if that’s what makes you tick…

Thanks to our amazing selection of national and local restaurant partners and grocers, our customers can get whatever they want or need to satisfy their Christmas cravings delivered directly to their doorstep.”

Dan Watts, Executive Creative Director at Pablo said: “If you want a doner kebab for pudding or an ice cream for breakfast then you can. Why? Because Christmas says so. Absofestivelutely anything goes during the festive period. And your local restaurants via Deliveroo are here for it. Whatever ‘it’ might be.”

The campaign will run across TV, radio, PR, social & digital across UK and Ireland throughout the festive period.

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