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Welcome to a New Style of Lighting

Looking for a new stylish alternative to the LED flat panel? Sylvania is delighted to introduce Quadro, a range of architecturally styled LED panels with enhanced glare control and installer adjustable light output to bring a new unique dimension to office and commercial lighting projects.

The Quadro ceiling recessed luminaires feature adjustable lumen output settings from 2250-4650lm (at 4000K colour temperature) using eight individual DIP switch settings which are easily selected on installation. Combined with glare control to deliver a lighting scheme to UGR < 16 and an efficiency of up to 150lm/w, this innovative new luminaire is suitable for lighting applications requiring comfortable light to assist with wellbeing and productivity such as in offices, meeting rooms, circulation areas and other commercial lighting applications.

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Sylvania Goes Linear With Optix

In offices and educational buildings  selecting the right lighting is essential for not only productivity and wellbeing but also for meeting the aesthetic requirements of the space. Sylvania has enhanced its range of Optix luminaires with the new sleek and unobtrusive Optix Linear, which offers the same high quality optics, guaranteed low glare and impressive energy efficiency levels but in

a new slim profile, thus answering the need for functional yet stylish luminaires.

Optix Linear offers the possibility to mix and match recessed and/or surface luminaires in a single lighting scheme. With its high-performance glare-controlled optics with optimised diffusers and reflectors, Optix Linear is perfect for a wide range of applications such as office, education, data centres and other circulation areas.

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Whether it is the need to direct people to emergency exits, evacuate a building quickly and safely or to ensure working areas remain lit during an electrical outage, every organisation needs to be able to fully rely on its emergency lighting. To answer this need, Sylvania has introduced the new START eco Emergency range, which is specifically designed to provide high quality and efficient lighting for emergency applications.

The START eco Emergency range includes both maintained emergency lighting and non-maintained options and is available with the manual test function and a three-hour emergency duration. All products within the range comply with regulation EN60598-2-22 and offer a lifetime of up to 30,000 hours.

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A World of Options With Ludospot

BMW Sneyers

Sylvania is giving premises owners, building specifiers and interior designers greater flexibility over their lighting choices with its new Ludospot integrated LED accent downlights. Ludospot is a modular system that allows users to select the LED module required and then choose the right housing style. Ideal for hospitality, retail and commercial applications, Ludospot allows people to get more creative with their downlights.   

“Historically, to achieve the right lit effect, it has often been necessary to compromise on the design of the fitting or vice versa,” comments David Neale, Marketing Manager at Sylvania. “However, Ludospot can change this with its flexible and versatile approach to product selection. By basically mixing and matching the lighting module with the housing, it provides you with greater control over the design of the space.”

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Sylvania Launches an Innovative Downlight That Provides a Variety of Colour Temperatures and Mounting Methods in One Luminaire

The START eco Downlight 5in1 family is the perfect solution for replacement of traditional CFL downlights or for installation in new builds. This exciting new downlight offers three colour temperature settings – 3000K, 4000K and 6500K – which can be adjusted by a three-way switch on the back of the fixture. The downlight also has two mounting methods, either recessed or surface mounted.

“It is fantastic to be able to launch START eco Downlight, it is a clever solution with the added benefit of multi-fit flexibility,” comments David Neale, Marketing Manager at Sylvania UK. “The way it can be adapted for various cut-outs, mounted as surface or recessed and has three colour temperature options is perfect for installers, contractors and wholesalers alike. It gives installers and contractors a versatile product for their projects and enables wholesalers to stock more without taking up valued space.”

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