Flourish Trading Products


We have a vast selection of faux foliage, botanicals and faux flowers. As an award winning supplier we work with retailers across the country together with florists and visual merchandising teams. Whatever your display or occasion we are confident you’ll find what you need to create the perfect look.

Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers are back with a vengeance and we are pleased to say that here at Flourish Trading we have a vast selection which we add to every month. From natural wheats and grasses to bright coloured flowers, we have them all. Modern techniques have allowed for much brighter, vibrant colours than in the past, lending themselves to beautifully sensitive displays with a very natural feel and without losing its impact. 

Dried Look Silks

Much like dried flowers we have carefully selected our very own “Dried Look” silk flowers. With their natural dried look you are able to use this range to create the same delicately sensitive displays but with the added benefit of a more robust product when compared to its counterpart. A range which we are actively growing as its popularity goes through the roof. 

Luxury Silk Flowers

For extra realism in your display, Flourish Trading offers an extensive range of exquisite luxury silk flowers, berries and foliage. It is almost impossible to distinguish them from fresh flowers but with the obvious added benefits. They will not wilt, can be kept forever or even recycled into other displays.

Event & Seasonal Décor

We have an extensive range of candles, balloons and other decorative items including pots, ceramics and glassware as well as lighting. Seasonal ranges for Christmas and Easter include trees, garlands, baubles, ribbons, dried fruit and various other seasonal foliage and much more.