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Opus Column Top

Recent updates to the highly successful Opus Column allow us to offer this range with up to 25,000 lumen output in three lens variants, asymmetric, wide and open area. This performance combines with optional integral photocell, presence detection sensors and emergency, whilst quick installation features include a spigot that can be adjusted through 90°, three spigot sizes ranging from 40mm through to 76mm, and a prewired 10m cable allowing quick termination of the product at the column base. 

The versatility of the Opus Column is further complimented with our full Opus Column range including 360° versions for open area and high mast applications.



Opus 360 High Output

The Opus 360 tackles the challenges posed by high column lighting in large open areas with an output of up to 60,000 lumens combined with accurate lensed optics ensuring light is cast precisely where needed, minimising light pollution and energy wastage. The range includes open area and asymmetric options for central and perimeter areas with an optional photocell for dusk to dawn operation. With its die cast housing, toughened glass cover and salt spray tested exterior paint in grey and black finishes, the Opus 360 High Output is designed to ensure that optimum efficiency is combined with excellent service life.




Amenity lighting is often primarily functional with form taking a distant second place. However, the Volito effectively combines the two with an architectural design that does not compromise performance. With a rearward wall wash effect the Volito ensures that spaces are lit effectively and attractively while its concentric ring design culminating in an outer lit halo provides a striking decorative effect. The Volito comes in both rectangular and circular formats with light and dark grey frames and can be specified in a wide range of lumen outputs, dimming variants, integral emergency and sensor controlled options.



CTEC Wallwash

Effective display lighting must be sufficiently powerful to cut through ambient light and draw attention, provide a broad directional distribution to wash walls or features fully, yet simultaneously maintaining a discreet and unobtrusive appearance so as not to compromise the overall look and feel in what are often decorative applications. 

The Comtec Wallwash fulfils all these remits with up to 5,000 lumen output, a broad distribution ideal for wall and retail displays, housed in a decorative downlight design with a gently curved semi recessed housing. A range of dimming variants are available whilst installation is quick and simple with retaining spring clips suitable for plasterboard and mineral fibre tiles.




The Rubini family incorporates miniature recessed, wall wash, linear pendants, modular recessed and surface variants, a breadth of styles allowing entire buildings to be lit with the Rubini’s modern design. The Rubini’s combined lens and baffle optic ensures that efficiency can exceed 160 luminaire lumens per circuit watt, whilst also minimising glare ensuring visual comfort. This versatile luminaire family is further enhanced with a range of colour options including black, white and coppered. Combining efficient performance with design that manages to be both discreet yet stylish, Rubini is the ultimate combination of both function and form in the Dextra range.


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