What to Look Out For in 2019 in E-commerce

By Stephen Balmer-Walters, Retail Expert and CEO of 8 Retail Consulting.

The growth of e-commerce is viewed by many as positive. This is due to the ease of making a payment for a product or service from the comfort of your own home. With the continuing development of e-commerce throughout 2018, we look at what the rest of this year is set to hold.

Voice search
Voice search has now come into its own. This is something set to grow – possibly even boom – in 2019. With more e-commerce companies optimising content for voice search, we can see some of the biggest companies in the world responding to and pre-empting this trend. This, paired with the progression of voice search A.I., suggests that its popularity will continue to rise.

User experience
User experience will always be at the heart of e-commerce. Look out for innovation over the coming year, especially with the addition of virtual assistance. The success of trends like snap shopping, where customers point their mobile device at an item of clothing to find out whether or not they can purchase it online, suggests that customers enjoy the ease that virtual assistance offers. This means that competition in this area is sure to get stronger this year. It also means that web developers and designers will have to be on their toes in order to keep up.

The success of digital payment and cryptocurrencies can’t go unmentioned – especially the latter. According to Finder, there’s a social media post about Bitcoin every three seconds. With this amount of coverage, one can only suspect that digital payments will continue to thrive in 2019.
The increase in use of payment gateways, means that they are likely to become standard across all industries. These days most customers expect at least PayPal to be offered whenever they shop online. The ease of completing a transaction, whether through online banking or a payment service provider, has proven itself to be something the millennial generation demand.

Mobile Applications
Mobile apps dominate e-commerce. The continuing growth in the number of mobile apps created for e-commerce shows that leaders are behind them. With mobile phones becoming more and more powerful, we predict that app innovation will be huge this year. We believe user experience will again be key to stand out among competitors and getting customers to convert.

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