What More UK Doubles Production of PPE Parts for NHS

Following last month’s announcement that the Altham based manufacturer would be making 60,000 parts a week, What More UK has now promised to double production up to 120000 parts per week.

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic the UK government was worried about the ability of the NHS to cope with such increased demand for health care.

In reality what has happened is that the entire country has rallied round in support for this world class institution and its heroic workforce.

When the government called upon British manufacturers to help to supply our National Health Service with the equipment it needs, organisations like What More UK were quick to offer their support.

Last month What More UK pledged to continue manufacture of parts for visors until the country has enough for its needs. Now with this dramatically increased production, the exemplary organisation seems likely to fulfil that promise in much shorter time.

The vastly increased production is down to What More UK’s senior engineer Rob Walker. Working with a local manufacturing mould maker, Mr. Walker has developed a four-impression mould which will enable What More to produce 17280 parts per day, or around 120,000 parts per week.

Mr. Walker said:

“Although we are increasing our efforts to support the war against the virus, as a company we hope and pray it won’t be needed for much longer and the UK can return to normality.”

For more information about What More UK, or about Wham products, please visit: www.whatmoreuk.com

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