Victoria Emerson charms the UK with James and James

Victoria Emerson is one of the fastest growing Canadian e-commerce brands offering a broad range of statement accessories. Delivering a consistent, signature Victoria Emerson customer experience across all touchpoints in every market is of paramount importance to the company.

Founder, Jamie Ferguson-Woods believes that a sharp focus on product development and marketing coupled with building a strong partnership with fulfilment expert James and James has been key to the organisation’s success.

Created in 2012, Victoria Emerson first inspired women with a line of simple bracelets that added spark to any woman’s outfit. Since then, the brand has expanded into a full line of accessories and goodies. Featured on Growth 500 as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, Toronto-based Victoria Emerson now has operations in North America, Europe and Asia, and offers more than 400 products to customers in 60 countries.

Growth is important to the brand but pursued in a way that maintains a consistent customer experience globally. Jamie explains: “We have been investing a lot of resources into creating great customer experiences across every single touchpoint. As we are an e-commerce brand, customers don’t really get to interact with us in person, so any physical touchpoint with our brand, such as packaging and delivery, is carefully curated.”

When expanding into the UK, Victoria Emerson was looking for a fulfilment partner that would be able to replicate its signature customer service delivered in North America across the pond, ensuring a consistency of experience in every location. “We were looking for a turnkey solution that supports our market expansion and presents a type of Victoria Emerson department overseas. That is why we turned to James and James as our exclusive fulfilment partner in the UK,” says Jamie.

The reliability of James and James’s order fulfilment service combined with responsiveness and local expertise have been instrumental to Victoria Emerson’s growth in the UK. “There are many regulatory specifics and packaging requirements that James and James is the subject matter expert on. The local insights, advice and presence on the ground have been really important to us, enabling us to market our products in the UK remotely from Canada,” explains Jamie.

James and James looks after Victoria Emerson’s order fulfilment, including warehousing, receiving orders, packing, shipping and handling any returns. The end-to-end service has freed up limited resources within the business. Jamie explains: “We are a small team of fewer than ten people, so having a reliable fulfilment partner like James and James gives us peace of mind and enables us to stay competitive by focusing on marketing and product development. This includes continuously enhancing our customer experience and interactions, for example by developing packaging designs, inserts and other differentiators.”

Busy shopping periods such as Christmas places ever greater emphasis on customer service. “We recognise the need to ramp up resources on the customer service side to ensure we are communicating reliably. Working with a trusted partner like James and James means that our customer experience can be scaled during peak periods,” explains Jamie.

Focusing on a core number of classic products which are known and loved by customers enables Victoria Emerson to put a structure in place ahead for the peak periods such as Black Friday and Christmas. Sharing such a planning framework with partners helps facilitate collaboration in the run up and during the main shopping season. Jamie says: “It is always easier if you have a roadmap and a plan to share with your partners. Such structure helps bring people on board which is really important to us.”

Delivering on its customer promise and pursuing growth will remain key priorities for Victoria Emerson’s team in the future. The company strategy also includes a further expansion of its product line with items such as bags, phone accessories and home goods. “Working with trustworthy partners like James and James puts us in a strong position for ambitious global growth,” adds Jamie.

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