Using podcasts to promote your business

By Ben Anderson, founder and Managing Director of Sound Business, a sister company to Sound Rebel.

People’s listening habits have been transformed, with on-demand services becoming increasingly popular.

Prior to the social distancing warnings, the number of people listening to live radio had been in decline, and this is expected to continue once the coronavirus crisis has passed.

Meanwhile, the popularity of podcasts has grown significantly. This has presented businesses with an opportunity to engage their target audience, using a series of audio files to build a loyal following with each episode that’s published.

Projecting your authority

Businesses now use podcasts for a variety of purposes, including sharing information about new products, company news or general information related to the sector in which they operate.

Incorporating podcasts into your marketing strategy offers numerous benefits for your business and there’s never been a better time to get started.

Traditionally, you may have relied on the written word to share your experience and expertise, but podcasts are a better way to show your true personality and enthusiasm for what you do.

Regular and insightful podcasts help establish your business as a leading authority, to be trusted by customers and new prospects alike.

Creating a memorable podcast

A podcast may be relatively easy to produce, but the content is critical to the success and longevity of your activity.

Whilst it is often lauded as a DIY project, it is easy to make a podcast that only you want to listen to, and professional producers will enhance the quality of the output considerably.

The producer is also helpful for handling the transition between speakers, asking the questions, requesting clarification of unclear points or jargon and ultimately editing the hours of chat.

The content can cover a range of topics, but it must be interesting to the target audience and delivered in short sections.

Content is key

Thirty minutes on a single topic might bore the average listener, but it’s easy to break the topic up into pieces and deliver several podcasts that revisit the subject.

You don’t have to be funny or try hard to entertain. You just need to use your experience and imagination to deliver short bursts of interesting chat or discussion, with the content tailored to your audience.

Once finished, you would need to make the podcasts available on a variety of distribution channels or enlist the help of a podcast producer to do so.

If you want to talk in detail about sensitive information only for your employees, a private podcast can be created, and a link emailed to specific recipients.

And finally…

Podcasts can be a uniquely spontaneous, informal and intimate medium, perfect for delivering important insight with emotion.

It’s not all about well-edited scripts or carefully crafted questions, but about researching the topics carefully, agreeing what’s to be covered and then talking with friends as you would in the pub.

Everyone involved can be in a separate location, which at the time of writing makes podcasts the perfect tool for bringing people together to create memorable content that an engaged audience will find truly valuable.

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