Trends from Cyber Week 2019

By Tanya Larsen, CEO of Voucher Shares

Over the years Cyber Week has become nothing short of a retail phenomenon; regularly breaking its own sales records. What once began as Black Friday, has transformed into a weekend-long event tempting shoppers with deals and offers in the lead up to the festive season.

As retailers try to maximise this increased customer engagement around Cyber Week, each year new trends emerge that not only tell us how shoppers spend their money but gives a better understanding on the state of retail.

Online continues to be king
With online sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday soaring, it’s no surprise that customers decided to stay home to get their shopping done.

Previously, reports of Black Friday sales were those of packed shopping centres and frantic shoppers trying to get their hands on the best deals. However, as online shopping grew in prominence it has continued to dominate the festive sales period, in particular during the aptly titled ‘Cyber Week’.

Consumers want to shop more sustainably
Cyber Week tends to evoke the image of mass consumerism and customers needlessly buying items just to grab a bargain. However, sustainable and ethical shopping has become a hot topic within the retail environment. Therefore, this year saw an increase of promotions towards more sustainable brands; keeping inline with changing customer demands to shop more sustainably.

Some retailers this year even took sustainability a step further as more than 300 clothing brands in the UK refused to take part in Black Friday; asking shoppers not to buy anything for environmental reasons.

However, there is still a way to go. Voucher Shares recently conducted its own research and found that the festive season leads the way for fast fashion. The study found that 78% of the nation’s females confess they splash out on a new party outfit for the festive season every single year with 51% saying they would only wear it once. Yet, we also found that 25% of UK shoppers aim to shop more sustainable in 2020 as the conversation around ethical shopping continues.

Deals to be Found
Cyber Week was created with the aim to enable shoppers to grab a deal. However, with the prominence of online shopping and digital promotions, it can be a minefield for customers to find the best bargains. Particularly as in the past some retailers have faced scrutiny that their Black Friday sales aren’t as good for value as they first appear.

Many retailers are known for keeping their deals underwraps ahead of Cyber Week, with some changing prices as the week moves on. However, as Black Friday, and indeed Cyber Week, have grown in popularity, it has made way for customers to track down the best deals using price comparison pages, voucher sites and social media which are being used by savvy shoppers to share their best savings.

Cyber Week continues to grow year on year and provides retailers the opportunity to gain a much needed boost ahead of the festive season. 2019 has seen one of the busiest sales periods. Yet, with conversations around sustainability forging on, we can expect more retailers and shoppers to engage with this conversation whilst also looking to gain more value for their money.

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