Thriftify launches in the UK

Thriftify enables consumers to shop sustainably for quality second-hand products, in a way that positively impacts both people and the planet

Thriftify – a dedicated online marketplace connecting charity shops with consumers – has today announced its UK-wide launch. The company, which currently partners with 95% of charity retailers in Ireland, will now be rolling out its service across the UK and is already operational for over 75 shops. Thriftify’s charity partners include Oxfam Ireland, SVP, Sue Ryder, Wessex Cancer Trust and Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation and new partners announced today include Stella’s Voice, Willow Burn Hospice and Farplace Animal Rescue.

Thriftify enables consumers to browse and buy quality second-hand products online – including fashion, books, music, games, gifts and accessories – from charity shops, safe in the knowledge that their purchase is having a positive effect on people and the planet. Via the site, consumers are not only shopping sustainability and finding that gem of an item at a great price, but they’re supporting good causes and contributing to the circular economy while doing so. In 2020, consumers using Thriftify saved an estimated 36,700kg of C02 from the atmosphere and 11.9 million litres of water, by buying used clothes and books instead of new.

For charity retailers, Thriftify provides an online platform from which they can sell donated products at the best prices, helping them reach a wider audience and increase revenues. According to the company, some of the biggest problems facing charity shops today is knowing how much products are really worth and reaching the right consumers for these items. Thriftify provides a powerful solution which helps charity retailers to value, showcase and sell goods online. This includes the functionality to:

  • Scan a barcode or manually input information to obtain an accurate value.
  • Use advanced ecommerce tools to ensure products can reach millions of customers worldwide.
  • Easily sell and ship products to customers using sustainable, fully compostable packaging.

Thriftify is also integrated into eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace and Amazon – giving charity shops access to millions of shoppers across the world, with one simple and easy to use account. Many of these platforms are also helping Thriftify to support its charity users, through grants and lower fees. The company is currently building integrations into more of the leading ecommerce websites, including Depop and Poshmark.

Thriftify founder, Rónán Ó Dálaigh, said: “Thriftify is changing the way people shop by empowering them to make a sustainable choice and contribute to the circular economy. Fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil but thankfully, consumers are becoming aware of the damaging effects of ‘fast fashion’ on our planet and are looking for alternatives. Instead of buying new, we can lower our impact significantly by opting for used items, making the most of products already out there and discouraging further unnecessary manufacturing.”

He continued: “Therefore, by shopping via Thriftify, consumers are not only purchasing unique goods at great prices, they’re also making a statement about the kind of world they want to live in. By partnering with us, charity shops are increasing profits by 30% on average and in many cases, have developed completely new income streams, helping them to continue and develop the great work they do around the globe.”

Michael Mc Ilwaine, Head of Retail at Oxfam Ireland, said: “The pandemic and national lockdowns have highlighted to charity retailers the limitations of an over-reliance on brick-and-mortar outlets and the vital importance of establishing and growing an online presence. By working with Thriftify, we feel confident that our business can reach customers that we simply did not before, expanding our market, unlocking potential from quality items, and bringing revenue back to the charity where it matters most.”

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