“The year of Micro” says FinTech Charity Pennies as they glide past £34m raised

In the last two years despite around 80% of Pennies enabled merchants being shut at different times, Pennies saw a spectacular acceleration in the micro-donations movement, increasing volume and value of donations by 50% when compared to the previous nine years.

Pennies has just sailed past the £34million micro-donations mark and has its sights set on another £1million raised through its merchant partners in quick succession. This incredible figure has been raised through nearly 138 million individual donations: with an average of just 24p at a time.

Responding to the crisis in Ukraine, Pennies has been able to quickly react to the evolving situation, working with 12 retail and hospitality merchants to enable consumer micro-donations in support of humanitarian charity appeals, including the Disasters Emergency Committee and the UK for UNHCR. This has the potential to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities providing critical support on the front line of the escalating and largest refugee crisis since WW2.

“Micro-donations have been accelerating over the last two years with record numbers of partners joining the movement under remarkable conditions, says Alison Hutchinson CBE, Chief Executive of Pennies. “And now, even as we are starting to see household costs skyrocketing, and we are beginning to feel the compound impact of the crisis in Ukraine, the UK public continues to demonstrate its generosity, and I can’t thank them enough for the overwhelming contribution”,

“Micro-donations are giving merchants and their customers a simple but significant way to create meaningful impact quickly and efficiently in the face of challenging circumstances. This is helping to realise our potential in transforming domestic and international fundraising. Micro-donations have an opportunity to inject £1bn into the UK charity sector if every UK cardholder gave just 35p a week”.

“We have hit a significant milestone and see this as ‘The year of Micro’, as conditions make micro-donation more relevant than ever before. The importance of positive social impact is also very high on our merchant Partners’ agenda”, continues Hutchinson.

“It’s amazing to see so many retailers and technology partners at Retail Tomorrow’s Thought Leadership brainstorm event, all of whom have sincerely expressed their willingness to support Pennies in these unprecedented times”, says Mike Butler. As Managing Consultant of Hotwire Marketing and as part of Hotwire’s $1m ESG Pledge Programme, Mike Butler continues to promote its support and acceleration of Pennies and that of the microdonations movement for good.

The year of Micro’ looks set to be the most significant on record for the merchant-led movement as micro-donations matter, now more than ever.

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