‘The Village’ opens on the Vitra Campus

Vitra presents ‘The Village’ on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein showcasing four individual retail concepts, which address the challenges and options facing the shopfitting business today. Designed to invoke an urban atmosphere, ‘The Village’ invites visitors to discover its five stores and relax in a small plaza-like setting.

The Village on the Vitra Campus.

People are changing the way they live, work and shop. The classic product display has given way to multi-faceted, digitalised shopping experiences. Online business is booming. How can people be encouraged not to shop at home only, but to make the journey to the physical store?

In the face of online competitors, the brick-and-mortar store must generate added value – today more than ever – in the form of excellent service, expert assistance and a multi-sensory environment. However, it must primarily promote a sense of togetherness and offer a shopping experience with an emotional factor. At Vitra Campus, Vitra showcases a concept that meets today’s consumer expectations under the title ‘The Village’.

‘The Village’ – diverse retail expertise

‘The Village’ encompasses four retail concepts grouped around a plaza-like setting, each representing a different retail sector: automotive, health and beauty, fashion and food. A fictitious brand was created for each of these retail worlds, along with individual products and a history that takes customers on a journey. Each store is centred around a new Vitra retail product.

‘The Village’ also includes a workshop, which invites users to take a closer look at the Vitra systems

‘The Village’ was developed in collaboration with Finnish interior designer Joanna Lajisto.

All Goods in The Village on the Vitra Campus.

An overview of the four retail concepts in ‘The Village’

Each of the fictional stores at Vitra Campus strives to attract customers with its products and ambience – just like actual competitors in today’s retail market. Visitors to the Vitra Campus will be enticed into the shops, where they will find information and inspiration.

Health & Beauty

The health and beauty store concept is designed to inspire and engage all the senses. The service-oriented product presentation makes highly efficient use of a limited space. Numerous monitors offer easy access to the complete product range (endless aisle). The lighting is designed to make skin and make-up look great. Personal assistance and a special tool for visualisation of cosmetic ingredients cater to the individual needs of customers.

Sepio at The Village on the Vitra Campus


The gallery-like interior of the fashion store reflects its brand identity. The large fitting room is a personal, intimate space with perfect lighting. Here it is easy to make good shopping decisions – which leads to ewer product returns and a better experience for the customer. Fast-paced fashion trends (and busy customers) require flexible shopfitting systems and an easy adaptation of the layout: lights and shelving can be effortlessly reconfigured and lighting moods can be changed in special areas.

Cory in The Village on the Vitra Campus


The food store concept is more than just a grocery store. It is the neighbourhood meeting point, a place that turns customers into guests. The merchandise presentation guides the consumers intuitively through the store. Targeted product lighting contributes to an appealing display that celebrates food, inspiring consumers to buy something extra, spend a little more – and come back again soon.


The automotive concept is about efficiency, space management and how to bring the product to the consumer in the city. Personal service and material displays meet the latest technology in the store’s lounge so that customers can put together their dream car. The concept is a coherent blend of lounge, shop and showroom, designed to sell both the product and lifestyle.


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