The Perfect Fit: Klarna and TOMS Pair Up for Payments

TOMS U.S. customers now set for more choices at checkout

TOMS has partnered with Klarna to give shoppers in the U.S. two new options at the online checkout to pay later in either four equal instalments or in 30 days – with no interest or fees. TOMS engages customers by integrating them into their giving strategy, and flexible payment methods will allow more people to participate in TOMS’s goal of building a better tomorrow.

Giving shoppers payment choice encourages more confident online purchasing without the hassle of a long-term commitment, interest, or upfront costs. Four equal payments are automatically collected from the consumer’s chosen method of payment – one installment at purchase and three further payments every two weeks. When asked, 75% of shoppers said they would like to pay in installments when shopping. And 35% of Gen Z shoppers worried about trending items selling out before they could purchase. With TOMS wide range of styles and colors, offering Klarna empowers shoppers to get what they want, exactly when they want it, in a way that fits their lifestyle. Additionally, Klarna’s payment options are proven to reduce cart abandonment and increase repeat purchase for retailers. This will grow TOMS’s impact, as each purchase contributes towards impact grants to various issue areas including safe water, mental health, shoe giving, ending gun violence, homelessness and equality.

“Giving customers control of their finances and purchase power are core capabilities of Klarna,” said Michael Rouse, Chief Commercial Officer of Klarna. “In the US, we’ve enabled over 3.5 million shoppers to pay in a way that suits them – and with our alternative payment options now available at TOMS, we’re proud to help grow the business of a brand that gives back to a cause with every purchase.”
“TOMS is excited to increase accessibility to our brand with Klarna payment options,” said Ryan Slyper, Vice President of Ecommerce from TOMS. “We hope to empower our customers by giving them options on how to make their purchase and choose how that purchase will make an impact. Customers can choose for their purchase to contribute to issues such as safe water, mental health, shoe giving, ending gun violence, homelessness, and equality.”

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