The Market Creative sprints into action with Nike and DW Fitness First

Behavioural marketing is at the crux of Nike’s appointment of The Market Creative as it seeks to engage DW Fitness First members.

The Market Creative is helping Nike to gain a more informed understanding of how people browse, shop and train at DW Fitness First to create more engaging retail, social and digital experiences with the brand’s clothing and footwear.

The behavioural marketing company will combine contextual, questioning and observational research techniques to better understand the behaviours of people who train at DW Fitness First.

Insights will be blended with Nike’s unique brand and product stories as well as DW Fitness First’s authority as a provider of training and nutrition advice. This will inform design sprint days, designed to speed-up the strategic and creative processes by enabling efficient and multiple idea generation and concept testing.

Sue Benson, managing director at The Market Creative explains: “We have evolved our business to place behavioural economics at the heart of everything we do, and this new collaboration is testament to the opportunity a behaviour-first approach to marketing offers brands and retailers.

“By blurring the boundaries between gym, retail and digital, we aim to accelerate and enhance how gym goers interact with Nike while helping them to build and achieve their fitness goals.”

Nike appointed The Market Creative after downloading the company’s Retail 2018 & Beyond report.

Adam Sutton, strategic account director at Nike said: “We were looking for a team that could help us to develop an emotional connection with DW Fitness First athletes. We were impressed by The Market Creative’s understanding of behavioural economics and convinced that it can elevate how we communicate.”

Lee Pinnington, director of marketing at DW Fitness First adds: “Our success has been based on our understanding of people, so this approach stood out to us. We look forward to seeing how the project develops to bring the Nike DW Fitness First experience to life for our members.

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