Technologies for the Retail Sector of Tomorrow

Driven by rising customer expectations and new technologies, digitisation in the retail sector is gathering momentum and developing at a pace.

KPS will be demonstrating how digital AI assistants, location-based services, and omnichannel solutions are shaping the retail sector of tomorrow at EuroCIS.
These trends will be highlighted at the Internet of Beer showcase at EuroCIS (Hall 10, Booth B42), which will demonstrate the increasing interconnectedness of software (ecommerce) and hardware (IoT). 
For the showcase, KPS has developed a table with an integrated weight sensor. The sensor measures the weight of the full beer glass and automatically triggers a new order when the glass is empty. Applied to retail, the technology could be used to reorder stock automatically as it clears from the rack. The integrated tablet in the table top can also be used to hold the order, place additional orders, or make changes.
Furthermore, the tablet provides information about ingredients, offers, and additional products, and the ecommerce application can be used to order a home delivery of the respective beer brand. 
Last but not least, the adverts displayed on the table can be personalised to the individual customer using intelligent algorithms. The intelligent beer mat and tablet make “ordering 4.0” in restaurants and bars a reality.
Eva Schober, partner at KPS, explains: “Retailers today are expected to offer a modern, service-oriented customer experience across all channels. At EuroCIS, we’ll be presenting state-of-the-art technologies that are designed to appeal to customers and offer the retail sector new options for engaging customers.”
“Virtual assistants are just one example; voice control is increasingly becoming an integral part of daily life. It’s important that retailers appreciate the benefits of these assistants for sales, marketing and customer service, and are on board from an early stage” she concluded.
Additionally, Jan Blumbach and Florian Reimann, both principals at KPS, will be discussing how technology will change the retail sector of tomorrow in their presentation
at the EuroCIS Forum (Hall 10, booth F04) at 12:00 on Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

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