Tech firm switches on style for fashion client

A North East tech firm has helped a global fashion-tech business deliver stylish safety-wear, after developing a new site that allows customers to funk up their face mask.

Sunderland-based Saggezza has built a dedicated consumer site for global fashion-tech business YR, that allows its style-conscious clientele to customise their face masks. The website – – delivers on-trend protective equipment, that can be adapted with a range of designs and prints.

Founded in London in 2013, YR’s technology helps brands and retailers improve customer experience by allowing customisation of garments, and the company has since gone on to become the global customisation partner for some of the world’s biggest names to household names.

However, like many businesses operating within the fashion industry, YR was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, with two of its main revenue streams – retail and events – declining overnight due to lockdown measures imposed across the globe.

Forced to think on its feet and pivot, the company decided to use its expertise in customisation to expand into the production of fully-customisable face masks. YR designed an innovative, fun and easy-to-use user experience, and in turn worked with its digital transformation partner Saggezza to develop the new, dedicated website for the venture.

The dynamic website – which launched this summer – is just one of a number of projects that Saggezza has delivered for its global clients during the pandemic, to enable them to maximise online sales opportunities during the UK lockdown.

Martin Williams, managing director of Saggezza said: “What we are seeing among our clients is a shift to digital-first engagement with customers – in retail, for example, Covid-19 means that customers are less able to or less keen to visit a physical store, and consequently they want to do more sophisticated things online.

“This move means that companies like Saggezza – which was founded to support clients to get the most out of data, and maximise digitisation – are uniquely placed to enable businesses to develop innovative new systems and assets to grow their business.

“The YR Masks site is a perfect example of us enabling a client to get the most out of digital, taking the company’s product innovation and coupling it with an intuitive, easy-to-use website that allows consumers to take control over the look of the product they buy.

“Saggezza prides itself on being close to its clients and understanding their every need and the fact that we were able to get this project off the ground in just a matter of days is testament to the company culture we’ve worked hard to establish over the past decade.”

The masks, which can be decorated with icons and even images of the mouths of animals, are available online, and web users can see a visual display of their face mask that instantly transforms according to their selections.

Saggezza, which has an international client base, that includes a global investment bank and a worldwide credit card brand, collaborated with YR to build the platform from scratch.

To find out more about Saggezza, visit

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