Swarovski Launches FW20 #Sparkdelight Campaign Featuring Candice Brathwaite, Louise Pentland and Nadiya Hussain

Swarovski’s FW20 #SparkDelight campaign is centred around finding joy and delight in the small, day-to-day moments in each of our lives.

Throughout the last year we’ve all had more time to reflect on those small but truly important parts of the day, week or month – the moments that excite, ignite and spark delight for ourselves and our loved ones.

The campaign will see Swarovski bring to life moments that have ignited joy and happiness for their three leading ladies and see them discuss why those moments bring them pleasure and add meaning to their lives.
Working with strong female leads to capture the true essence of the campaign is something that is deeply rooted within the brands DNA, for FW20 this is no different.

Having worked with Nadiya on a series of previous campaigns, the GBBO winner returns to share her #SparkDelight moments with the Swarovski community. Joining Nadiya for FW20, Swarovski are excited to announce they are also working with bestselling author, influencer and contributing editor Candice Brathwaite. Completing the powerhouse line up is influencer extraordinaire, author and YouTube personality Louise Pentland.

These three formidable women bring an extremely honest and relatable peek into their day to day lives, revealing those moments that we may have all experienced but didn’t really see or appreciate the delight that they can bring into our lives.

Candice Brathwaite: ‘More than ever this past year has really forced me to magnify the small things that spark delight. Be it learning to cook pasta sauce from scratch, sitting with my puppy or trying to learn to roller skate, these things would’ve perhaps never have even registered as important to me not least as things that could help spark delight and punctuate long days which all seemed to roll into one.

As an ambassador for Swarovski what I love about this campaign is how much they encourage the idea that we all should be able to find small things, that make us smile or can help remind us how it doesn’t need to be a big grand gesture that helps us remember how to feel good or happy. Now more than ever there seems to be a global recalibration and the general consensus seems to be that we all need to remember how the small things really do matter.’

Louise Pentland: ‘I’ve had the chance to reflect this year and spend quality time with my two girls. It’s really important to remember this mummy-daughter time together and appreciate the positives in what’s been a tough chapter for many.

For me the strong themes which represent the year are love, togetherness, patience, kindness and community. I think we’ve all seen those qualities in abundance. Many of us have had to re-set and enjoy the simple precious pleasures again which is exactly why the #SPARKDELIGHT concept is just so perfect.’

Nadiya Hussain:
‘We call these times strange, there have been changes like we have never known. We call it our new normal. But calling it normal with ‘new’ in front of it, does not make it feel any more normal. This strange change that is the normal, that no longer feels new, has given us time. Distraction is no longer an excuse for the eyes that we miss in passing, the hands that we forget to hold. This time has given us perspective, it has given us our time back. The time we have always had has now suddenly been given back right to us, where it has always been.

Hours turned into weeks, weeks into months, leaving behind what will be a year to remember, not to forget. If we forget, we erase. We cannot erase the good that has come from simply being at home. A word we frame, hang up and pass right by without really giving a thought to what it means. We are not stuck; we are safe at home. The joy, the simple things that spark delight, the things that always sparked something that we missed, because life had a funny way of keeping us speeding till we were out of breath, too blurry eyed to see the beauty that is life.’

With the launch of this campaign and following on from the success of the #MySparkDelight initiative earlier this summer, Swarovski aim to spark a nationwide conversation, engaging with their community discussing what these moments mean to everyone…home-made cooking, treating yourself to blow dry, learning a new skill or language, reading a book or simply giving your house a tidy.

Everyone has their ‘Spark’ moment, and it’s more important than ever that we make time to allow
ourselves to appreciate the small pleasures in life.


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