Stuart partners with Ocado to deliver groceries in under 60 minutes

Ocado is partnering with Stuart, a last mile delivery platform specialised in same day and on demand delivery, to launch Ocado ZOOM. Zoom allows customers to receive their groceries in less than 60 minutes after ordering online. This competitive service will be the amongst the fastest on the market, focused on offering shoppers a seamless customer experience by bringing together Ocado’s best-in-class grocery model and Stuart’s delivery expertise.This new service, which was announced last month, has now officially launched.

Over the last few years the UK online grocery market has grown exponentially, with sales figures predicted to grow by 48% by 2022. As industry innovators, Ocado look to offer the most efficient solutions to supersede customer expectations. Delivery plays a fundamental role in this process. As with other verticals, customers have become ever more aware of the delivery offerings that they can benefit from – making the last mile a key part of each grocer’s strategy in gaining and retaining customer loyalty.

Stuart’s technology brings together all variables around delivery to create the optimal conditions for the same day, on demand delivery model. The dispatcher, which automatically allocates jobs to the best suited available independent courier, allows for the speed promised by Ocado Zoom. Stuart’s technology seamlessly integrates with Ocado’s website, app and back-end, giving the company ownership over their end-customers’ journey. This enables the two organisations to work together to innovate the online grocery market, putting customer experience at the forefront of their offering.

Grocery shopping plays a key role in everyone’s day to day and by adding this faster and flexible option, Ocado and Stuart are making the grocery shopping experience more immediate for the customer. Complementary to Ocado’s innovative grocery solution, Stuart offers the speed and flexibility in the last mile of the journey, bringing the customer’s shopping from order to door in just 60 minutes.

David Saenz, Chief Operating Officer at Stuart: “We are thrilled to be partnering with industry leader and innovator Ocado on Zoom and are excited to be enabling faster grocery delivery at such a pivotal time for this industry. By bringing together both companies’ cutting-edge technologies, we have built a service which facilitates the grocery shopping experience and gives consumers quicker and more flexible access to grocery shopping, matching their own fast-paced lives. This sector is quickly evolving and we are excited to be at the forefront of it.”

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