Stock visibility is key for 86% of Gen Z, a new report has revealed

Self-service checkouts, contactless payment and self-stock checking tools are the most desirable in-store tech, says YouGov research commissioned by Cybertill 

New research has uncovered UK specific detail about consumer habits of nu-wave shoppers: Gen Z.

These 18-24 year olds want a DIY approach to in-store retail. Focusing less on being entertained or browsing online first, than their older, Millennial counterparts (i.e. those aged 25 to 34) and more on quick, succinct, seamless experiences, in real-time, according to statistics from the latest YouGov report.

Top line findings of Gen Z adults (18 to 25 years old) include:

  • 59% would want a dedicated checkout for click and collect, nearly half (48%) of Gen Z’s are frustrated with poor mobile phone signal in-store, and 45% want free wi-fi in store to retrieve their order confirmation.
  • 55% voted contactless payments to be the most valued in-store tech; closely followed by 38% self-stock check points as a way for retailers to encourage loyalty
  • Gen Z’s want real-time stock visibility, as 86% said that their biggest frustration is when an item is marked ‘in-stock’ on a retailer’s website, but is not available when they go to find it in-store
  • Experiential events (16%), Beacon tech (15%) and a face-to-face personalised customer service (22%) in-store are among the ‘media myths’ the report revealed were less important to Gen Z compared to other features such as free samples (36%) and e-receipts (31%).

Gen Z are not enthused by retailers offering ’experience’ as an  incentive for signing up to loyalty schemes, with 75% saying discounts and promotions would encourage them to sign up most.

The full report can be downloaded from the Cybertill website here:


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