Slerp Announces Direct-to-Table Ordering Service

Slerp, a direct-to-consumer online ordering solution, has announced the launch of its table ordering service across the UK – allowing on-premise customers to order direct to their table via their phone.

The launch, which is happening this week and expands Slerp’s existing online ordering and on-demand services for businesses, will work alongside current table service restrictions for restaurants, ahead of re-opening from July 4th.

Order direct to table will enable people to use Slerp for traditional table ordering, orders for pickup at the bar, stalls in parks and food halls, pints-to-go and many more while maintaining a safe social distance from restaurant staff and other diners.

The move comes amidst rapid growth for the Slerp business, and has helped hundreds of businesses pivot to an online ordering and on-demand delivery model. Over the last three months, businesses have needed to adapt and change their model due to lockdown restrictions, which has seen revenue from bricks and mortar focused businesses drop to zero. Slerp has been working with businesses large and small to shift to direct-to-consumer and on-demand delivery service to rise to the challenges of lockdown.

JP Then, founder of Slerp & Crosstown, believes that at this time, it is crucial operators choose the right tech to partner with. He says, “As restaurants look to begin re-opening in July, it’s really important that businesses choose the right tech partner to connect with customers and meet their demands. Slerp is built by operators, for operators. We’re tried and tested, and you can see this in the multiple high-profile operators who have trusted us as their online ordering partner. Businesses need a partner with the full suite of options to really drive revenue and connect with their customers. With direct to table ordering, Slerp can be trusted to help businesses to deliver both on premise and at home”.

JP has known for a number of years that direct to consumer is the future, which is why Slerp is best placed to serve the needs of businesses looking for a tech partner to meet customer demands. He adds, “Direct to consumer was the future, but it’s actually now. Setting up online ordering is absolutely pivotal. It should no longer be viewed as incremental revenue to a business, but rather a pillar. The importance of online ordering and on-demand will not go away, we’re committed to help future-proof businesses to meet the changing demands from consumers”.

Slerp’s direct to table ordering will be launching this week across the UK. Slerp is also used by JP’s Crosstown business, and as an operator himself, JP knows the importance of needing tech you can rely on to meet customer needs.

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