Sipful Drinks and Every Can Counts Announce Partnership

Premium canned wine and cocktails brand Sipful Drinks is partnering with recycling communications programme Every Can Counts to inspire and encourage more people to recycle their empty drink cans.  The partnership will see Sipful Drinks become the first  brand in the UK to carry the Every Can Counts logo on its range of canned products.

Sipful, launched in May 2020, is committed to producing drinks using sustainable and recyclable packaging. Sipful believes aluminium drink cans are the ultimate packaging format due to their infinite and energy-efficient recyclability, and the team are currently in the process of establishing Sipful’s own production facility with the aim of becoming a zero-waste production and packaging facility.  Every Can Counts is a not-for-profit partnership between drink can manufacturers, the recycling industry, and drink brands, with a vision for a 100% can recycling rate across Europe.  The programme works towards this vision by inspiring, empowering and encouraging people to recycle their empty drink cans. Every Can Counts began life in the UK in 2009, and now has a presence in 19 countries across Europe, signing up thousands of organisations to the programme to date.

Sipful founder Darius Darwell comments: “Reducing waste and increasing recycling are two very clear objectives for us. Sustainability will be built into our DNA as a business, with the aim of creating a consumer brand committed to always trying to be better in the hope that Sipful Drinks will become a positive change for a more sustainable future. As I grew up on an organic and biodynamic farm, sustainability and the environment were always “hot topic” in my household, well before they were used widely as marketing buzzwords. We’re dead proud to be a canned product – we are delighted to be working with Every Can Counts to drive awareness, and are super honored to be the first brand to proudly display their logo across our full range of products.”

Chris Latham-Warde, Every Can Counts UK Programme Manager, adds: “We’re very excited to be welcoming Sipful Drinks as a new funding partner of the Every Can Counts UK programme. Sipful’s commitment to sustainability naturally aligns them with Every Can Counts and our mission to engage people with the many benefits of recycling drink cans. We’re thrilled that Sipful will be the first UK brand to introduce the Every Can Counts logo to their cans. Sipful’s eye-catching can design, which also includes the impactful Metal Recycles Forever logo, will help raise awareness about the infinite recyclability of drink cans and remind consumers to do the right thing and recycle. This is a fantastic way to launch our partnership and we’re looking forward to working with Sipful to amplify the recycling message even further with new partnership activations in 2021.”

A recent UK study of 1500 people by Every Can Counts shows that almost all (92%) say that it’s an urgent task to tackle recycling, whilst 93% said that considering recycling and its importance for the planet is an obligation of all citizens and consumers, not just world leaders. 73% of Brits stated that during the pandemic they have recycled more than ever, suggesting that the increase in time spent at home has made it easier for people to do. their bit and recycle more. Only 43% however, said they often or always recycle when at work and even less when out and about at 41%, which indicates that there is still lots of work to be done.

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