Selfridges creates first cinematic advertising campaign

On April 20, Selfridges is to launch its first ever advertising campaign conceived and produced for cinematic broadcast. At the heart of the campaign, is a 60 second film shot by director and photographer Norbert Schoerner, in support of Selfridges’ new creative retail scheme, Radical Luxury. The film will be shown across a wide selection of cinemas from distributors such as Everyman, Picturehouse and Pearl & Dean in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Radical Luxury is Selfridges’ thought-provoking invitation to consider the meaning of luxury in the world today. When anything can be tagged a ‘luxury’ experience or product, can luxury still be meaningful? In the London store, Radical Luxury will be presented through a number of unique customer experiences including the Flipside, which will be staged in Selfridges’ old hotel on Orchard Street. The Flipside is poised to be a multi-sensory journey into altered states of luxury designed in collaboration with brands such as Google Pixel 2 , Louis Vuitton, Loewe, and Thom Browne.

The film will present its own visual journey to convey the essence of Selfridges’ Radical Luxury and showcase the store under a fresh light, directively pointing to the future. It mixes iconic representations of luxury across a wide style spectrum, from timeless to traditional and throws in – as the journey progresses – images of reimagined Selfridges details that reflect aspects of the brand’s spirit. The film – a mix of stock footage, live action and computer generated elements – makes visually and creatively explicit elements of the Selfridges language such as art, sustainability as well as, fashion. The journey is showcased through a dense collage of images that references surrealist painterly and cinematic cues from artists such as Magritte and Powell and Pressburger.

Shot mainly in studio and using mixed media digital post-production, the film is the result of a creative process partly informed by feedback  from a broad-ranging group of people (from a wide cross-section of disciplines, creatives and also partners of Selfridges) on what luxury means to them. The film is designed to surprise, provoke thoughts and emotions but with a sense of fun and dare throughout.

Norbert Shoerner says: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Selfridges on this very special film, perhaps the most modern piece of work I’ve created. It was an exciting challenge to convert a concept as ubiquitous as the ‘meaning’ of luxury into a unique visual narrative and to play with a broad range of art historical references in the process. Hopefully this film will connect with people and allow them to rediscover Selfridges through an unexpected lense.”

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