ROAR EMOTIONS: How materials can affect retail experience

ROAR Creativity are exhibiting at Retail Design Expo (Stand D230) on 2nd – 3rd May. ROAR are using this expo not to show their work, but instead showcase the result of their on-going research into design and emotions. They want to show you how good design can evoke different feelings. They have designed and built four bespoke booths and would like to invite you to their stand to experience first-hand.

Good design is aesthetically pleasing, whereas great design also evokes feeling. ROAR has spent over a decade designing to make people feel, think and behave in a certain way. During this journey they have discovered how important materials are in changing people’s behaviour. Designing for a retail environment is about getting to the heart of the brand and bringing it to life. ROAR achieve that in the customer journey through the layout, colours, shapes, and the way every detail is designed.

This project started with researching theories of emotions, how they are interconnected with colours, images and materials related to them. ROAR’s investigation led them to concentrate on the feelings, which they felt were in synergy with certain brands. They believe in creating lasting engagement between consumers and the brands they represent. To achieve this, they started with the emotion they wanted to create, then worked to identify how best to achieve this. Just as every product or service makes the consumer feel different, every material can evoke many different emotions. Rusty steel makes us feel very differently to polished steel. A windowpane with condensation is in huge contrast with a martini glass stained with lipstick.

ROAR want to change the emotional states of people without saying a word. Everything they have created is bespoke, unique and pushes the boundaries of textile possibilities. Every material can be altered, turned on its head or mimicked so nothing is out of reach for any brand. As the high street evolves it is now more important than ever that your physical retail environment inspires and creates theatre that your online shop cannot.

Visit ROAR at Retail Design Expo on stand D230 and see if their booths can inspire you to transform your retail space.

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