Rituals Cosmetics marks 2022 with B Corp Certification

Luxury beauty brand Rituals Cosmetics is proud to announce it is a Certified B CorporationTM. Rituals joins a growing movement of established companies that are using the power of business to build a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy and meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance. Rather than a final goal, this certification marks a new stage in the company’s transformation towards a more purpose-driven business model. It allows them to set more ambitious sustainability goals, year after year.

Rituals is proud to join a community of like-minded businesses that want to use business as a force for good. There are over 4,000 B Corps in 153 industries and 77 countries. Raymond Cloosterman, owner & founder of the iconic wellbeing brand, comments: “I’m beyond proud to have earned the B Corp Certification as a brand that truly fosters a sustainable future. At Rituals we strive to keep doing more and going further for people and planet, so we are truly honoured to join a global movement of responsible organisations that want to accelerate progress on the shared challenges we face.”

Since the company’s founding 20 years ago, Rituals has been on a mission to support the wellbeing of our consumers. It is, and always has been, our passion to turn everyday routines into more meaningful moments; to help people slow down and rediscover happiness in the smallest of things. By offering an extensive collection of affordable luxury home and body products, we hope to inspire our consumers to step away from the hectic frenzy of everyday life. To pause and create a moment in their busy day that is focused on personal wellbeing.

By achieving the B CorpTM certification, Rituals is one of the frontrunners in the beauty and wellness industries to get successfully assessed through this rigorous standard which has become a leading sustainability certification worldwide. As a brand, next to being passionate about the wellbeing of our consumers and fans, Rituals are dedicated to looking after the wellbeing of the world and its resources. Their new B Corp status is just the beginning of a committed and continuous journey towards sustainable wellbeing for people and planet.

Considered, Conscious & Caring*

With ‘Considered’ being all about trusted quality products and carefully formulated with ingredients of natural origin, the pillar ‘Conscious’ focusing on making sustainable choices for our packaging and in our business and finally the pillar ‘Caring’ by supporting and developing programs contributing to soulful societies.

Find below a summary of actions that were implemented:


  • 70% Products with >90% natural origin ingredients. And more coming everyday.
  • All their products are evaluated with an internal tool on circularity, biodegradability, CO2 footprint & natural origin.
  • All their products are formulated with consideration and dermatologically tested to ensure they are efficacious but also safe for the skin.


  • Rituals offer a wide range of eco conscious refills. For every collection, they have refill options for their body creams, hand wash, fragrance sticks, car perfume and skin care. For example, using Rituals body cream refill saves up to 70% on CO2, 65% on energy and 45% on water. In addition, the company has shifted the majority of their PET packaging to recycled plastics.
  • 95% of their products are produced in Europe. Rituals only work with responsible suppliers and actively monitor and encourage their suppliers to continuously improve their social & environmental performance.
  • All of their own stores & offices run on green electricity. Next to that, they use energy saving LED lights and water-saving appliances in stores.


  • Rituals proudly supports social initiatives including Tiny Miracles since 2011, supporting women in Mumbai, and SuperChill, bringing mindfulness to kids at school.
  • Rituals have a Diversity & Inclusion board that reflects on their culture and sets up programs and aim to reach gender balance (currently 60/40%) in our senior management (International MT) by 2023.
  • All the head office employees contribute to at least one Karma Day every year. That’s more than 7,500 hours volunteering time.

Niki Schilling, Director of Innovation & Sustainability at Rituals Cosmetics states: “Being certified as a B Corp officially recognizes our commitment and efforts towards sustainable wellbeing. This mission is foremost on our minds, it’s a continuous journey that never ends, the three pillars form a robust foundation for that.”

Biggest goals** are:

  • In 2022, Rituals aim to refine their GHG emissions targets on their Scope 1, 2 and 3 to align with the scale of reductions required by The Paris Climate Agreement, leading them to Net-Zero: make extensive carbon reductions as soon as possible, and then neutralize the residual emissions left.
  • By 2023, all their formulas are made of at least 90% natural origin ingredients.
  • By 2025, all their packaging is refillable, recyclable and/or made from recycled material.
  • By 2025, the average product assessment score on the Conscious tool, their product evaluation tool, has increased from 63+ to 80+.
  • By 2025, all their products will be refillable, recyclable and/or made of recycled materials.

Hubertine Roessingh, Executive Director of B Lab Benelux, states: We are thrilled to welcome Rituals to the B Corp community at this pivotal time, where the world needs more companies that use their business as a force for good. Rituals’ commitment to continuous improvement and determination for long lasting value for their communities, workers, suppliers, environment, and customers is well reflected in their overall score on the B Impact Assessment. We congratulate Rituals and we look forward to seeing them inspire other companies to follow suit and unite with B Corp beauty brands in their desire to make a difference!’’

*Consumer page on RITUALS.com: Rituals Cares
**Find out more about Rituals Cosmetics’ Sustainability goals, efforts and the “Clean & Conscious” tool: Rituals Sustainability Report

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