QVC UK invests in broadcast technology to enhance customer engagement

In a rapidly changing retail environment, QVC UK has made some key updates to its strategy by investing in tech innovation, modernising its broadcast techniques and celebrating people, personality and storytelling to find the perfect balance between shopping and entertainment.

Integrating the customer

In the current world, where bringing people closer together is both more difficult and more important than ever, QVC UK has partnered with Quicklink, a provider of high quality broadcast solutions, to allow the retailer to put the customer at the heart of its shows. QVC UK customers have regularly featured within the shows via phone, but they can now join virtually via video calls to offer valuable reviews that provide authentic and relatable content to the audience through peer to peer endorsement.

Experts from around the world, who would normally present live in the Chiswick studios, have also continued to feature on QVC virtually through video calls providing expert discussion on products and brands alike – between 25 March and 31 May, they completed over 500 video calls, proving a hit with their customers.

“QVC has always fostered a two-way relationship with our customers.” said Mike Tremain, QVC UK’s Director of Broadcasting. “Today, in a time of isolation, we’re looking at creative ways to engage our customers and involve them in our live broadcast shows. By using simple and effective technology, we’re able to overcome obstacles in our current world and allow QVC Presenters, Guests and Customers, within our community, to directly interact and share stories virtually on air.”

“It has been fantastic working alongside QVC in revolutionising customer engagement in their live broadcast shows. It is great to be at the heart of QVC’s modernisation of broadcast techniques by enabling customers to be actively featured in the QVC programming. Quicklink’s technology has enabled QVC to increase the quality of the video calls whilst ensuring maximum control of the production remotely.” said Richard Rees, Quicklink’s CEO and MD.

Modernisation for a first in retail

The internet has changed people’s expectations and the way they shop, but it’s also changed their emotional connections. While speed of service and a quick and easy transaction is important to today’s consumer, the vast majority of people still want the experience of looking at, feeling, testing and comparing products. However, they want it online, in the privacy of their own homes and in the palm of their hand on the go.

Additionally, QVC UK has also enhanced its educational value within live Beauty shows by implementing two-way cameras for their skincare and make up tutorial segments, allowing the audience to view the product demonstration in far closer detail, in a way that is rarely offered elsewhere in retail. This provides customers an up-close perspective of how the products interact with the skin of a model, offering them a more accurate depiction of the consistency, texture and pigment of the product all from the comfort of home.

Putting the customer first

QVC UK’s ongoing strategy is to put the customer first and continually innovate through the use of technology and people. There has been a strong appetite for tuning in to QVC UK’s channels over the recent months, with figures showing that QVC UK’s main TV channel has seen an increase in viewership by 50 percent in the last three months and a 38 percent increase in digital sessions to (source: TV Analytics).

When it comes to what influences people today in making a purchase, most people still value consumer reviews, peer recommendations and expert opinions over third party endorsement. But one other thing is clear – they value ‘seeing’ as much of the product themselves above all else – videos of products that give them as close an experience to real life is what is most important.

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