Queue-it expects millions in queue for Black Friday

Virtual waiting room SaaS Queue-it expects millions of retail consumers will wait online to access an ecommerce website this Black Friday

Danish virtual waiting room technology provider Queue-it that alleviates website overload, announced new statistics that reveal information about how ecommerce companies are increasingly preventing website failures and enhancing their customers’ shopping experience on Black Friday.

Based on data pulled from its top ecommerce customers, Queue-it found that over the 2017 Black Friday weekend, 60 million end-users went through one of the online queues set up by its customers, an 18% increase over 2016. If its customers experience similar growth this year, 2018 could see over 70 million end-users pass through an online queue. With such unprecedented online attention, ecommerce businesses have to prepare in advance to avoid traffic-induced website and app failure.

“Even with a compressed event like Black Friday, precisely predicting the timing of online traffic peaks is difficult to nail down,” says Co-founder and CCO, Camilla Ley Valentin. “With Black Friday ecommerce sales just around the corner, we expect to see an exponential increase in the number of end-users that will go through our customers’ virtual waiting rooms. We will be closely monitoring the situation to spot the trends in website and app traffic increases over the Black Friday weekend,” says Camilla.

Queue-it’s customer base includes hundreds of top international ecommerce enterprises worldwide, who offer a variety of products to consumers online and in-store. These customers depend on Queue-it to help maintain their website function during business-critical sales and campaigns such as Black Friday or the Holiday season.

“We switched on the virtual waiting room during Black Friday, to make sure we have an insurance against failures on our online shop. Using the system as a safety net, provided us with the possibility of evaluating our traffic and helped us learn our new infrastructure. The support was very personal, and the Queue-it team was even on hand during the event,” says Ziggy Fried, Head of Engineering and Product Development, Harvey Nichols.

In our connected world, ecommerce websites and apps are expected to be available 24/7, and traffic can come at any time. An ideal solution for preventing website and app failure this Black Friday would serve as a safety net, monitoring and responding to traffic spikes around the clock.

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