Promotions, World Cup and Father’s Day Drive Grocery Sales

Promotions around events and convenience shopping contribute to grocery sales growth of +1.5%

Promotions around the World Cup and Father’s Day helped to drive a +1.5% increase in grocery sales over the last four weeks, according to Nielsen data released today. This is against a heatwave a year ago which boosted growth by +4%.

Another factor in the sales increase was strong performance from convenience stores with sales up +1.8% as more shoppers did ‘top-up’ shops locally for fresh foods and last-minute items in the warm weather. Sales at larger grocery multiples were up +0.6%, while volume was up +0.1%.*

“Promotions, changes in the weather and events like Father’s Day and the start of the World Cup have all helped incremental sales” says Mike Watkins, Nielsen’s UK head of retailer insight.

World Cup promotions have been in full swing over the last four weeks with 27% of all grocery value sales coming from special offers. Branded beverages, in particular, were heavily promoted with 43% being sold on promotion. In the week ending 16 June, sales of gin and tonic water rose +46% and +21% respectively, as did colas and flavoured carbonates, up +5% and +4%.

When it came to Father’s Day, 15% of households claimed to buy extra items (compared with 19% for Mothering Sunday), making it the seventh most-celebrated event and on a par with Valentine’s Day.** The week ending 16 June also saw an uplift in gifting categories such as DVD/BluRay (+9%), spirits (+6%), rotisserie chicken (+6%) and greetings cards (+6%).

All figures are from Nielsen Homescan Total Till unless otherwise stated.
*Source: Nielsen Scantrack Grocery Multiples

**Source: Nielsen Homescan Survey

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