Product Priorities: What Generates Buy-In From Brits?

  • New survey sheds light on the buying habits of Brits and what would make them break from tradition
  • As to be expected, price plays a key part in the buying decisions made by survey respondents
  • 66% of Brits said they’d be more likely to buy a product if it had eco-friendly packaging

A new survey conducted by one of the UK’s oldest family-run packaging companies – Kendon Packaging – has revealed the factors that would prompt UK consumers to change their buying behaviour.

Price-savvy Brits

A significant 56% of surveyed respondents said that price was their most important concern when it comes to switching to a new product – an unsurprising sign that the bottom line is king when it comes to most everyday purchases.

Respondents aged 65 and over were the most price-savvy of the lot – with an overwhelming 66% of this demographic opting for price above all else. As for the most bargain-aware region in the UK, the West Midlands came out on top – with a dominant 83% of respondents there citing price above all else.

Following the price point, 28% of respondents said they wouldn’t make a switch unless special offers were up for grabs.

Earth-friendly consumers

Economic concerns didn’t totally dominate the survey, but 16% of respondents put eco-friendly packaging top of their list of reasons to switch to a new product – food for thought for any new startups seeking to carve out a place in the market.

In perhaps the most interesting result of the survey, the most eco-conscious respondents fell into the 55-64 age range – quashing any perceptions that young people are the most attuned to environmental concerns.

In a follow-up question, respondents were also asked if they would consider buying a particular product if it had eco-friendly branding. 66% responded that they would – although once price is brought into the picture, would the UK really put the planet before their pocket?

From social hype to brand image

11% of respondents placed packaging and brand image as their most important concern – seemingly proving that there’s still a lot to be said for a recognisable brand presence.

In a similar vein to this, swift online shipping was an important aspect for 7% of respondents – with the overwhelming majority of these falling between the ages of 18-24.

For the remaining respondents, 5% of those asked felt they would be more likely to buy a product if there was sufficient social media buzz around it – proving that influencer marketing and a strong social media presence is a key cornerstone of any new product launch.

Topline results:

What would make you switch to a new product from your existing choice?

  • Price: 56.0%
  • Special offers: 28.2%
  • Eco-friendliness: 15.7%
  • Brand image & packaging: 10.8%
  • Swift online shipping: 7.3%
  • Social media buzz: 4.5%

Are you more likely to buy a product if it has eco-friendly packaging?

  • Yes: 66.0%
  • No: 34.0%

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