Pink is the word: boutique fashion houses cash in on trend-setting Oscars

  • Pink garments fly off the shelves at as experts predict pink items will account for one-in-three items sold this Spring
  • UK fashion sales spike by 5.1% in a week following The Oscars ceremony

British fashion retailers have benefited from trend-setting Hollywood celebrities, as consumers use The Oscars’ red carpet for outfit ideas.

New data released by Vend, the preferred retail point-of-software of the British Independent Retail Association, shows that fashion store revenue has increased by 5.1% in a week since the awards ceremony on 24th February.

This year, shades of pink clashed boldly with the red carpet, as sartorial statements brought the colour to the fore – and into the minds of shoppers looking for dress ideas.

With Google searches for ‘pink dress’ jumping to a trend score of 94 the day after the ceremony (compared to 70 a week earlier), fashion-hunters have clearly been captivated by the trend. In fact, some stores – such as Vend customer The Edit, which has four fashion boutiques in and around Cheshire – have seen pink attire flying off the shelves, so much so that one in every three of their items is now in the colour.

Penny Rawson, owner and founder, The Edit said: “The fashion industry closely follows The Oscars for red carpet trends, as it gives a good indicator as to what will sell well in-store in the weeks that follow the ceremony. This year’s red carpet was dominated by shades of pink, and we’ve already seen huge new popularity of the colour. It’s since become one of our three core colours in-store, accounting for a third of our stock and we expect to sell out this Spring.

“Candyfloss-toned, jewel-coloured and Legally Blond-themed shades can all be seen hanging from The Edit’s shelves. Being an independent retailer allows us to make agile purchasing decisions, capitalising on trends – unlike the large retailers who are lumbered with a huge inventory that they have to work with for the whole season.”

Historical Vend sales data shows that it was 2017 which recorded the highest average revenue increase in the week that followed the Oscars, with a 15% increase in sales when compared to the week before the awards. 2018 recorded an 8.1% uplift.

Higor Torchia, UK Country Manager at Vend adds: “Independent retailers are in a great position to take advantage of trends set by events like The Oscars, as their smaller size means they can make reactive stock-buying decisions. Analysis of what’s selling well on a weekly or even daily basis will also enable the store to order more stock if it’s selling out.”

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