Peak 2019: Retailer forecasts 100% growth with new sustainable model

Since its inception in 2014, the Original Oldschool Ski Company (OOSC) has grown 100% year on year with 2019 looking to be their best year yet. Co-Founder, Aaron McLaughlin believes that strategic partnerships have been key to the organisation’s success.

With their busy period fast approaching, Aaron reflects on peak seasons gone by and highlights why keeping up with customer demand, whilst protecting the brand is no longer a challenge, thanks to outsourcing partner James and James Fulfilment.

OOSC was born when a bunch of friends with a shared passion for skiing and après came together to bring fun back to the mountains with colourful, retro ski suits. It has quickly grown into the thriving entrepreneurial clothing business it is today.

Co-Founders Aaron McLaughlin and Nick Marsden were always looking to be one step ahead. Unafraid of change and whilst still experiencing significant growth, OOSC took the decision last year to overhaul its entire manufacturing process and source only the finest recycled polyester for its outerwear and organic cotton. Aaron explains: “Sustainability is vital to the future preservation of our environment which includes our mountains and ultimately, our ski resorts, so we wanted to play a positive role in helping to protect that environment. 51% of our ski jackets and ski suits are made from recycled polyester from plastic bottles. How? Well, you can read more about the process here but when we first saw it, it blew our mind.”

2018 clearly became the year of change for OOSC when the business recognised that it was spending more and more time at the post office in its efforts to fulfil its ever-increasing order volumes – a more robust and professional approach was desperately needed. Aaron comments: “We didn’t have a sophisticated approach and fulfilling orders was becoming an unnecessary distraction for us. We needed to get serious and look for a partner who we could trust to make it all happen without us having to worry about it anymore. We needed the whole package – i.e. someone who could store and ship our products, as well as manage order tracking and provide email updates to our customers.

October 2018 saw the formation of a partnership with James and James Fulfilment, introducing a fulfilment solution that would protect the OOSC brand as it grew by providing accurate and reliable order fulfilment. “We’re a year into the partnership and so far, we’ve been really impressed with the team at James and James. Their processes are second to none and fulfilment is no longer something we are having to think or worry about. The solution is seamless.” says Aaron.

James and James has taken control of global fulfilment on behalf of OOSC helping to drive customer satisfaction. Gearing up for this year’s peak season, Aaron is forecasting 100% growth in turnover compared to this time last year. He notes: “Traditionally, the peak season which, for us, extends to the end of January as customers prepare for their February ski holiday, has always been a massive headache but with James and James on board, the stress is gone. Naturally, we must make sure the stock is available but once we send it to the team, they do the rest. This is a real value-add for us as it means we can focus on further growing the business.”

With only a matter of weeks until Black Friday, Aaron strongly believes that planning is key. He says: “Plan everything as early as possible – do not leave anything to chance. If I was starting again, I would do two things. Firstly, I would add 50% to the budget as things always go wrong and secondly, I would make sure I gave myself a one to two-month buffer for delivery as there are always delays with manufacturers.”

So, what does the future hold for OOSC? The Co-founders are already 18 months ahead with their designs and are waiting with bated breath on their 2021 samples. We should expect to see more of the same bright retro inspired ski wear, but Aaron remains tight-lipped on possible expansion. “There’s definitely a bigger market for sportswear made from recycled polyester – you’ll just have to watch this space.”

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