The Importance of Partitions in Post-Lockdown Retail

By Duane Humphreys, Marketing Manager for CGT Screens

Whilst key retailers such as supermarkets have remained open throughout the lockdown period, many retailers have been forced to shut down their physical stores and are now beginning to cautiously eye what retail might look like in a post Covid-19 world.

Many of the measures likely to be implemented before less essential retailers will be able to open again are already being actively implemented by supermarkets across the country. Most national supermarkets have been very proactive in implementing significant changes in their operating procedures to ensure they comply with Government guidance such as each member of staff and customer keeping at least 2m distance from everyone around them.

One of these measures is the implementation of social distancing screens and protective screens within the store. Smaller Perspex are commonly used as ‘sneeze-guards’ to protect staff at tills from airborne transmissions from customers, but larger, mobile social distancing partitions also play an important role.

Social distancing partitions can be used to separate queues of customers, for example, allowing retailers to use all tills rather than every other till to keep the queues at least 2m apart. Where the screens can be linked together, they can also be used to segment both aisles within the store, and storage space out the back, again saving valuable space.

One such product is the CGT Commercial Screen, a purpose-built social distancing screen that can be linked up to form a modular, portable barrier. The CGT Commercial Screen has the added benefit of being constructed from Polycarbonate, rather than the more common Perspex or acrylic. Polycarbonate is 25x stronger than acrylic, and will not crack or shatter even on impact, meaning the screens easily withstand the bumps and jostles of shoppers and trollies.

The screens can also optionally be coated in an anti-bacterial finish, which has been certified to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi 66% faster than noncoated surfaces. The coating does not lose its effect over time or by being washed, significantly reducing the risk of staff or customers contracting the virus via surfaces.

For more details on the CGT Commercial Screen, contact CGT Screens

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