• Two-thirds of consumers are celebrating Pancake Day this year
  • 80% will eat at home, with just 11% planning to eat out.
  • 56% of consumers stick with traditional lemon and sugar on their pancakes
  • A third of consumers will be eating crepes, American or Scotch pancakes
  • While most consumers will celebrate with family and friends, sadly, 10% will eat alone

Despite a vast offering of indulgent toppings and desserts available, over half of consumers will plump for the traditional lemon and sugar pancake, according to Vypr’s latest finding from its 2023 Pancake Day survey.

The Manchester-based product intelligence platform asked a nationally representative sample of its 65,000-strong community how they’d celebrate Pancake Day, including where they would celebrate and how they’d consume their pancakes.

64% said they’d celebrate Pancake Day on Tuesday, 21 February, with 21% saying that while they have in the previous year, they don’t plan to this year. Just over 15% said they didn’t celebrate. So have our tastes changed this year? Will consumers try non-traditional products? Vypr’s results suggest that consumers still enjoy the traditional British pancake, with 61% of consumers stating that they’ll cook them, compared with 15% stating they’d have the french equivalent, crepes. Just over 12% said they’d go for the softer, fluffier American pancake stack, and the smaller Scotch pancake got just under 10%.

Our traditional tastebuds prefer lemon and sugar on our pancakes, with 56% of consumers opting for that flavour combination. Maple syrup came in at 34%, with chocolate at 32%. Other flavour combinations included fruit at 27%, honey at 22%, whipped cream at 20% and sugar and orange juice at 13%.  Savoury choices came up with cheese and ham at just over 10% and cheese and beans at 5%.

Nearly 60% of respondents said they’d been tossing pancakes at home with their family. Couples were also getting in on the action, with 38% stating they’d be flipping pancakes at home.  Those celebrating with friends was 13%, and sadly just over 10% said they’d go solo on pancake day.

Most consumers will head to the supermarket to get their ingredients tomorrow, with nearly 85% of respondents choosing grocery retailers to pick up everything they need to make their pancakes. Only 13% said they’d go to a local shop, and 10% said they’d add everything they needed to their online shop.

Around 11% stated they’d be planning to head out to partake in pancake day. Whereas just under 80% said they’d plan to eat at home.

Despite our widening tastes and interests, pancake day remains a traditional event down to our toppings and who we celebrate it with.


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