Organic Retailer Increases Customer Loyalty with Sustainable Store Design Concept

As the realities of climate change become increasingly apparent, sustainability becomes more of a focus in everyday life. In the eyes of today’s environmentally conscious consumers, adopting a sustainable culture is imperative for retailers looking to increase customer loyalty.

The Biomonde network have done this by creating a store concept that matches its brand value of sustainability and those of changing French consumer habits. This is an approach that focuses on eating healthier, fighting against waste by ensuring the origin of products and their seasonality, buying products in bulk and reducing packaging.
The network, which is a cooperative group of more than 200 organic stores spread throughout France, enlisted the help of HMY Group’s design department to assist in creating a welcoming, friendly and sustainable store which highlights the authenticity and quality of the organic produce.

Importantly, this includes a dedicated fruit and vegetables display, specially designed for the small, 120m sales area. This consists of a tubular structure, slates for the display of hand-written pricing, and authentic wooden bins, which allow for the display to be adaptable throughout the seasons. All these features mean that costly and impactful structural re-fits won’t be necessary in the future, ultimately reducing the brands carbon footprint.

Furthermore, HMY took a thoughtful and socially responsible approach, in accordance with values of the members, as all furniture was manufactured in HMY’s French factories and installed by its own local assembly teams.

Stuart Geekie, managing director at HMY Group UK, said: “At HMY, we constantly promote sustainable development and strive to have a positive impact on our surroundings, including the environment and our communities. It’s great to be able to work together with our clients on projects like this, and appeal to an ever-growing market of ‘green’ consumers.”

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