Organic beauty for all: Garnier becomes first mass market beauty brand to receive Organic accreditation in the UK

  • Garnier has become the first mass market beauty brand to achieve Organic accreditation from the Soil Association, the UK’s leading organic certification body
  • Sales of organic cosmetics have grown at a rate of 24% (year to date) signalling an expansion in organics from food and drink into beauty
  • While organic products often come at a premium, the Garnier Organic range has been created for the mass market with accessible prices, starting at RRP £5.99

Sustainable beauty brand Garnier has become the first mass market beauty brand in the UK to receive Organic accreditation by the Soil Association, the UK’s leading organic certification body. Its new Garnier Organic range has achieved COSMOS ORGANIC standard, guaranteeing a minimum of 95% natural-origin ingredients.

The announcement comes as organic products continue to boost the beauty industry. Sales of organic care products have grown by 20% since 2015, signalling a growing consumer trend towards more sustainable products and natural ingredients.

It’s a trend that’s receiving increasing industry recognition. This week, the Soil Association launched its ‘Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Market 2019’ report which explores the continued growth of the certified organic and natural beauty sector in the UK.

The report found that certified organic beauty is one of the UK’s fastest growing markets, showing a 14% increase over the last year. It also revealed the importance of brands like Garnier gaining third-party accreditation to reassure consumers that they’re making responsible choices. Terms like ‘Natural beauty’ and ‘Organic beauty’ aren’t regulated like food and drink products, which means brands can use as little as 1% organic ingredients and claim they are organic.

The Garnier Organic range currently consists of 11 products, including Organic Thyme Perfecting Toner and Organic Fresh Lemongrass Detox Gel Wash. Importantly, the products have been carefully designed to offer premium ingredients at an affordable price point, opening up organic beauty for the mass-market. Prices start at RRP £5.99 for the Detox Gel Wash, and go up to RRP £11.99 for the Garnier Organic Lavandin Facial Oil.

Speaking about Garnier’s ongoing commitment to naturality and the new Organic launch, Charlotte Blanchard, Garnier General Manager, UK&I explained,

“Garnier was one of the first brands to use plant-based products 115 years ago, and continues to push the boundaries of naturality today. We’re really proud of our natural heritage and are thrilled that, after 10 years of hard work and innovation, we have been able to bring the first truly affordable certified Organic products to market, at a time when consumers are caring more and more about the quality of the ingredients they use on their skin.”

The Garnier Organic range is centred round six organically sourced ingredients, including Lavandin, Argan, Thyme, Cornflower, Konjac and Lemongrass.

Georgia Barnes, The Soil Association, said,

“Consumers are increasingly looking for sustainability and certified organic and natural products that work with nature, not against it. Consumer demand has the power to bring about real change and when you buy even just one certified organic and natural product, you are choosing products that promote a better way of living. Brands that achieve Soil Association COSMOS certification on their beauty products go through a rigorous inspection process that shoppers can trust are kind to the planet. We are excited that Garnier is bringing their new range to this rapidly growing market.”

Garnier Organic reflects the brand’s larger ‘Naturally Committed’ programme which uses four key pillars (Naturality, Sustainability, Future Generations and Beauty for All) to drive positive conversations and deliver real benefit to society.

The Garnier Organic range is on sale now. For more information please visit:

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