Online store donates socks to Crisis for the homeless


Ahead of winter, Trendhim has partnered with charities to distribute 5,000 pairs of warm socks to people living on the street. In the UK, Crisis will be giving 1,000 pairs to homeless people in need.

Socks are one of the most needed items

With this initiative, Trendhim hopes to shed a light on one of the most needed, yet least donated items of clothing to the homeless. Most people wear their socks until they have to be thrown away, and are too worn to be donated. For those living on the street, socks have to be replaced more often to ensure dry, warm feet and to avoid infections.

“I am stunned by the big-heartedness of our supporters and especially at Christmas time,” said Ian Richards, Head of Crisis at Christmas, adding “Our guests and the staff and volunteers I have the pleasure of working alongside, tell me that they are grateful that our work and your support at Christmas time is just the beginning of ending someone’s homelessness. It’s personally rewarding that this all begins with the work my team and our supporters like Trendhim make happen.”

Raising awareness throughout Europe

Because organisations in Europe expressed the same need, Trendhim hopes to spread awareness throughout Europe. “With this first campaign, we wanted to see how we, as a company, could help organisations support the homeless and raise awareness in the general population,” explains Trendhim’s CEO, Sebastian Petersen. “Next year, we aim to increase the number of socks and partners so that even more homeless people can benefit from warm socks.”

Trendhim created an interactive map showing people where they can donate socks, clothing, or start volunteering. Graphic:

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