Ocucon partners with Google to launch Artificial Intelligence product for GDPR compliance

Ocucon has launched intelligent video redaction product, Pixelate.

Developed in partnership with Google, Ocucon’s innovative new product harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver an intelligent video redaction tool to support General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

To ‘redact’ means to ‘edit’, and video redaction is used to obfuscate, or blur or pixelate, elements of a video that contains sensitive and personally identifiable information.

Privacy protection has become a major concern in Europe, and with the upcoming introduction of GDPR, companies and organisations that collect and store data from video recordings, CCTV and surveillance cameras, face additional challenges – to which Pixelate can offer a cutting-edge solutions.

Unlike other video redaction products on the market, Pixelate’s artificial intelligence and web-based software uniquely enables users to select the faces they wish to pixelate, on all forms of camera footage, including body cameras.

Existing manual video redaction software can prove expensive and time consuming. Some newer automated, cloud-based technologies on the market, can be unreliable, particularly on shaky body-cam footage and are unable to exclude individual faces.

Pixelate’s key features include:

  • GDPR compliance – including auditable log of video redaction and UK processed data
  • Intelligent automated redaction – select the faces you want to pixelate
  • Suitable for all types of camera footage, including body-worn cameras
  • Quick upload via easy-to-use web-based portal
  • Significantly reduced redaction time compared to manual video redaction methods
  • End-to-end advanced encryption of all footage and secure user access control via multi-factor authentication

Ocucon’s Co-Founder, Gary Trotter, commented: “With the introduction of GDPR, the penalties for organisations who reveal identifying data – whether intentionally or inadvertently – are set to increase significantly, with fines up to €20 million or 4 percent of annual global turnover.

‘That leaves organisations in a position of needing a video redaction product that is at the forefront of innovation and knowledge.

‘Ocucon’s Pixelate product is the first of its kind in Europe – utilising artificial intelligence and genuine machine learning – to provide intelligent, cost effective, cloud-based video redaction that is capable of redacting other forms of data, not just faces”.

Users of Pixelate can upload CCTV footage to Ocucon’s secure, web-based portal, or VSaaS system, and download redacted files within a matter of minutes. The portal is the first of its kind to offer unlimited cloud-based storage as a service and is being piloted by several globally-renowned retailers in the UK and USA.

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