Netacea introduces TrafficDefender™ to help businesses cope with shoppers’ lockdown demand

Manchester-based cybersecurity firm launches dedicated virtual waiting room offering

Netacea, a provider of bot management solutions, is scaling up its virtual waiting room offering to meet the growing demand for online queuing services amid the coronavirus pandemic.

TrafficDefender™, powered by Netacea, gives businesses the power to control online traffic with enterprise-grade, secure DNS-based queue technology, that protects against queue jumpers who bypass other JavaScript-based solutions. Implementing fair, non-bypassable virtual waiting room technology ensures that essential amenities are available to the public 24/7, no matter how busy the website becomes.

Netacea has separated its scalable and cloud-based virtual waiting room solution from its bot management offering, to ensure organisations can quickly and easily access queuing technology when they need it most.

TrafficDefender’s unique approach to virtual waiting room gives businesses complete control of their website traffic, during unprecedented surges of traffic. The technology enables businesses to determine their own limit to the number of concurrent visitors on the site, guaranteeing website availability no matter how long customers remain on the site.

The solution, which has already been rolled out by organisations throughout the UK, US, EMEA and Asia, sits in front of a website to protect the entire technology stack with a secure, fair and non-bypassable first-in-first-out queue that guarantees the flow of traffic even if the volume exceeds capacity. By using TrafficDefender, a European government providing financial aid to hospitality organisations was able to remain available for the 20,000 businesses queuing for the service, on a website that typically has capacity for 200 companies registering at once.

A retail organisation also used Traffic Defender’s “VIP” queuing functionality to both provide dedicated access to its customers with previous orders in place and allow key workers to access its website ahead of the queues or within specific timespans.

Andy Still, co-founder and CTO at Netacea stated: “As demand for our virtual waiting room technology continues to grow, it became increasingly clear that it deserves a dedicated home in TrafficDefender. For many organisations, this technology has never been more critical as they seek to accommodate unprecedented levels of traffic throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure customers can access critical services.”

Jeremy Gidlow, co-founder and CEO at Netacea also said: “Over the last six weeks, we have been working hard to ensure that retailers, grocers, governments and public services are available. TrafficDefender provides an essential solution to businesses that need to stay online during surges of traffic.”

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