• Research from Nectar reveals priorities when perusing the aisles include price (68%), quality (57%) and how long food will last (51%)
  • Forgetting products they intended to buy (33%), not planning meals ahead of time (23%) and forgetting to bring reusable bags (26%) are the top shopping habits Brits wish they could break
  • The majority of Brits (74%) prefer to stick to one big weekly shop, although nearly half of shoppers (45%) said they still need to top it up with odd items throughout the week as needed
  • Customers can now shop smarter and save money using My Nectar Prices. Nectar members receive discounts totally personalised to them, based on previous purchases, as well as offers which their data suggests they would like

New research from Nectar has revealed the nation’s shopping habits, finding that the tradition of the weekly shop still reigns, as the majority (74%) of Brits still do one big shop per week.

The study also revealed the nation’s priorities when it comes to scanning the aisles, with price revealed as the most important factor in choosing what to take to the checkout, followed by quality and expiration dates. A quarter (26%) said they enjoy discovering new products while over a third (38%) confessed to being creatures of habit and always opting for the same types of foods.

The data found that Brits take a fairly organised approach to their food shop, with two thirds (59%) planning ahead by writing a list. It also revealed that over two thirds (66%) believe that writing a list means that they get their shopping done in less time – with those who have pre-planned taking an average of just 24 minutes to tick everything off.

Over half (57%) of shoppers prefer writing their shopping lists with the classic pen and paper, while just under a quarter (22%) note down their shopping list on their phone and a brave one in twenty (5%) simply rely on their memory.

Of those who wrote their lists on paper, half confessed to often forgetting to bring it with them or check it, while a third are also guilty of forgetting items that they intended to buy. To help avoid that, Nectar and Sainsbury’s are encouraging customers to use the digital shopping list function on the SmartShop app, allowing shoppers to tick off items as they browse.

The research also explored the shopping habits Brits wish they could break, which included forgetting to get products that they intended to buy (33%), not planning meals ahead of time (23%), forgetting to bring their reusable bags with them (26%) and not utilising loyalty scheme promotions such as My Nectar Prices (12%).

It appears that these habits are costing Brits both time and money, with one fifth (20%) admitting to frequently spending more than they had budgeted for and a third (28%) saying they spend too long wandering down aisles hoping their purchases will make up the number of meals they plan to cook.

It also emerged that nearly half (42%) of shoppers actively seek out bargains to save money on their groceries, although a quarter (28%) of Brits admitted that they wish they were savvier when purchasing food.

Nectar and Sainsbury’s are looking to help customers save money on their favourite products through My Nectar Prices. Shoppers who are registered digitally with Nectar are sent regular new deals personalised to them based on their previous purchases, as well as offers which their data suggests they would like. Sainsbury’s shoppers can simply download the Nectar and SmartShop apps, or visit Nectar.com to check their deals before shopping. The offers can then be redeemed via SmartShop in store.

According to Nectar, a weekly Sainsbury’s shopper could save upwards of £200 a year when taking full advantage of My Nectar Prices. Examples of My Nectar Prices deals include Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Sourdough Medium Sliced White Bread, usual price £1.50, with a My Nectar Price of £1.08 and Sainsbury’s Super Soft Toilet Tissue, Pure White x24 Rolls, usual price £7.50, with a My Nectar Price of £5.60.

The research also revealed that those aged 25-34 are the most likely to tot-up their total cost as they go. Two thirds (69%) say it makes them think twice about purchasing unnecessary extras that they don’t really need and those who write lists believe they save an average of £11 per shop by having one in hand, which could total £572 per year.

To gain access to My Nectar Prices, register with Nectar by visiting Nectar online at www.nectar.com or download and register your card on the Nectar App.

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