More people will shop on mobile than desktop this Black Friday predicts BounceX

Retail conversion rate for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 will increase by 29.7%

Black Friday peak browsing to take place at 11 AM

BounceX, a behavioural marketing technology provider, has today announced its predictions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, covering everything from the best time of day to market to customers to which device will drive the most conversions.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two biggest days of the year for online shopping, presenting a massive revenue opportunity, as consumers snap up pre-Christmas bargains. The mega shopping event has become a major date in the UK’s retail calendar, with UK shoppers predicted to spend £8.57billion this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Based on hundreds of millions of buying signals across thousands of ecommerce sites over the past five years, BounceX have discovered how consumers shop online during this pivotal time and have predicted what the peak landscape will look like in 2019.

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, conversion rates have steadily grown across every major device, with BounceX predicting that the retail conversion rate for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 will increase by 29.7% from 2018. The conversion rate on Black Friday alone is expected to be 22.8% higher than 2018, while the conversion rate for Cyber Monday is anticipated to increase 36.2%. Recognising the need to show the right message to the right shopper at the right time, forward-thinking retailers have begun to convert new segments of web traffic that were previously difficult to identify and effectively target.

Based on its historic data, BounceX is predicting that more people will shop on mobile than desktop this year, with mobile conversions for Black Friday expected to outpace desktop conversions for the first time. Beyond device choice, timing factors heavily into online shopping behaviour. According to BounceX, Black Friday peak browsing will take place at 11 AM, with peak buying hours taking place between noon and 9 PM, whilst peak browsing and buying taking place on Cyber Monday at 9 PM.

Shopper engagement also continues to increase online, with average page views on Black Friday having steadily increased by 114% since 2015—with Cyber Monday page views increasing by 111% for the same period. Black Friday, which was once a single day of deals, has now become one of the biggest retail events of the year for online shopping, as customers spend more time scrolling through deals online, moving away from what was traditionally an in-store event.

Robert Massa, General Manager, BounceX EMEA, said: “As these major shopping dates have continued to develop, consumers have become savvy to this popular discounting event, spending more time researching and seeking out the best deals online. With the ability to browse between retailers’ sites and across devices, shopping online and mobile have become the channels of choice, meaning shoppers will shift further away from brick-and-mortar stores.”

“Peak trading triggers a surge of new customers visiting a retailer’s website for the first time. The key to capitalising on the rush of extra customers is the ability to identify and track not just cookies and devices, but individual shoppers. Retailers armed with a customer’s email address, who can achieve persistent identification across sales channels and multiple devices, will be able to provide a hyper-personalised shopping experience to ensure customers keep coming back for more well into January and beyond,” he concluded.

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