Kindness Costs Nothing as Moonpig help the UK say Thank You for Free

  • We’ve never had more reasons to be grateful, but busy Millennials admit they can only manage a text to say thank you, over a traditional card 
  • Despite 59% typically sending a quick SMS, the majority love to receive a surprise card in the post – with Neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis explaining how this can trigger reward centres in both the sender and recipient  
  • Moonpig is now making it easier than ever to show you care, offering FREE Thank You cards to the nation for the month of August  
  • Video to embed is available here:

Everyone loves to be thanked, but new research from Moonpig from has shown that over half (59%) of those from younger generations are too quick to simply send a text to express gratitude, while openly admitting that they love to receive a Thank You card in the post.

Knowing the importance of a thank-you through the post and how difficult a year it’s been for everyone, Moonpig is creating Gratitude Month – offering free Thank-You Cards to the nation this August.

Sending a Thank-You card is more than just the action of giving and receiving – it is giving our brains little treats behind the scenes. In a poll of 1,000 18-35 year olds conducted by Censuswide, over half (55%) agree a thank you card makes them feel loved and appreciated, which according to neuroscientist research, is because our brains give us a surge of activity producing the feeling of pleasure.

Neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis explains that “giving is its own reward” as our brains react positively when we do something that shows we care – and can even help you feel happier.

Dr Lewis says: “We are social creatures and sending or receiving an unexpected Thank-You card can act as a way to bolster our social connections. Doing something thoughtful for another person makes us feel good because it stimulates three different parts of the brain – together known as the reward pathway – spread out along the underside of the brain where the left and right halves meet in the middle, making us feel great.

“The giver of the kind gesture benefits from securing the relationship – the more thought the giver puts into the making the message personal, the greater the impact on the other person, and the more gratitude they will end up feeling. That makes them more likely to reciprocate and do something nice in return, which is reassuring to our brains. Importantly, the element of surprise is key in the important business of strengthening social bonds and has a powerful impact on our brain’s reward pathway, which is why a surprise thank you card, vs an expected text message has more of an effect.”

But even though 60% of those polled admitted they love getting a card in the post, as it is more personal and 39% feel it means more, a third say “a text is just easier”. A quarter of 18–35-year-olds feel not having stamps handy gets in the way of making a more personal thank you.

Sarah-Jane Porter, Head of Cards and Licensing for Moonpig says;“We now know that both sending and receiving a card not only feels good but is good for us. After a particularly stressful year, sharing gratitude and recognising someone’s contribution to your life is a simple, but special way to show you care. So, for our Gratitude Month, anyone can send free Thank You cards from our website.

“We know we all have a lot of people to thank, so this August, customers can send a free Thank You card per day, for just the price of postage.”

For the friends who check-in with you, your work colleagues who are always ready to listen, that neighbour who always accepts a parcel… we all have someone we want to thank. And for the digital natives, who prefer to do everything on their phones, it’s never been easier to send a card through the app, using handy features like digital handwriting, AR previews and reminders, not to mention that the cut off time for next day delivery is the latest in the UK (9pm), long after the post offices have closed.

The promotion lasts for the whole month, until August 31st and one free Thank You card can be sent every day from

*Censuswide, 1,155 UK Respondents aged 18-35 

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